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BREAKING: Mike Lindell is Set to Appear Live on The Jimmy Kimmel Show Tonight Despite Backlash From The Left


Just when you thought the Left cancel culture brigade can’t get any worse, they reach new depths.

Today Mike Lindell is set to make an appearance at the Jimmy Kimmel show at exactly 11:30 ET.

But what’s bewildering is why a man as patriotic and God-loving as Mike Lindell has to receive backlash because he intends to appear at the Jimmy Kimmel show, means things are not okay.

Why exactly will people attempt to cancel him and stop him from having an audience in a free country like ours?

Since when did that become okay to you? It’s definitely not okay to me.

But that’s exactly our present reality.

More on this story:

The MSN reports:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is scheduled to appear as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday evening, despite an online backlash.

On Tuesday, a letter was posted to the website Common Cause, the political watchdog group, addressed to host Jimmy Kimmel and the production team of the ABC series. The letter noted that Lindell has been “a leading voice in spreading lies and disinformation regarding the 2020 election results, including producing several videos claiming that the 2020 elections were hacked.”

The letter went on to say, “Lindell’s work in pushing election disinformation has already had significant consequences for our nation, including the violent insurrection on January 6th at the U.S. Capitol that led to at least five people losing their lives. Lindell’s debunked conspiracy theories are also rooted in racism and white supremacy. The disinformation he is trying to sell is part of a larger narrative that essentially wants to throw out millions of votes from cities where people of color make up a majority or significant portion of the voting population, including Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.”

Making a case that Lindell should not appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the letter stated: “We believe that having Mr. Lindell on your show will give him a bigger platform to spread his lies and disinformation, and knowingly mislead the public about the integrity of our election systems. To be clear, even joking about his conspiracy theories can lead to the spread of disinformation. In fact, disinformation actors such as Lindell often seek to get their lies and conspiracy theories debunked in national media in order to give their disinformation broader reach. Given the state of our nation and nature of Lindell’s lies, we are asking that you immediately cancel his scheduled appearance.”

The Hill had more to say:

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” next week, the late-night host announced on the show Wednesday.

“Hey Siri, set a reminder,” Kimmel quipped. “Next Wednesday night, we will be visited in studio by the My Pillow man himself, Mike Lindell.”

After announcing the interview, Kimmel played a clip of Lindell talking about the upcoming appearance on “Frank,” the entrepreneur’s recently created social media channel.

“Oh, this is breaking news here on Frank,” Lindell said on the clip. “I’m, wow. I’m open to it and I did promise them all, they’re going to get My Pillows in the audience.”

I personally am so excited about this. Do you also feel the same way?


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