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Can You Scooch A Little Further? Kamala and Biden’s COVID Theatrics


Over the weekend, CNN aired their State of the Union interview of Kamala Harris with Dana Bash. While the interview itself had little substance especially regarding the border wall crisis, the most pressing issue facing the Biden administration at the moment, one could not help be amused at the massive distance between Bash and Harris despite the fact that both have been vaccinated.

Check out what some people on Twitter had to say about the comical scene:

Harris is not the only person who has been called out for her theatrical demonstration of COVID protocols.

Three days ago, Biden was wearing a mask during a climate summit with other world leaders. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if it was not the fact that it was a virtual summit, on Zoom!

According to the Independent:

US President Joe Biden appeared to be the only world leader wearing a mask during a virtual climate summit hosted by the White House.

Leaders who could be seen maskless on the call Friday included Russian president Vladimir Putin, German chancellor Angela Merkel, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and EU leaders Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel. Mr Biden may have been wearing a mask to protect others in close proximity, and to model mask-wearing for Americans.

Check out the video and excerpt, courtesy of The Sun:

During the summit, which included a total of 17 huge figures, the United States president was the only one pictured wearing a mask.

Biden was sat alone in front of a blue background, wearing a suit, tie and black face mask.

The president has since been mocked online for his decision to wear a face covering during the virtual conference.

“The entire world is laughing at us,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another slammed “he’s the dumb one there,” while someone slammed him as an “absolute embarrassment.”

Some more reactions from Twitter:

The Left seems determined to portray this country as weak, fearful, and ineffective. The image of the leader of the greatest country in the free world hiding behind a mask, while other leaders demonstrate relative courage right in front of him is embarrassing at best and dangerous at worst.

The whole world is watching.

Meanwhile, at home, this hyper politicization of masks may be working for the Left and their cronies but it has been having a severe effect on normal Americans just trying to do their jobs or get through school.

Three days ago a high school track and field runner collapsed on the field while trying to run the 800 with a mask on.

According to OregonLive

Maggie Williams, an 800-meter runner, collapsed three meters shy of the finish line this week. She fell across the line and set a school record…

…“It was a pretty scary scene,” Turnbull [her coach] said.

Turnbull is now calling upon the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown reconsider a mask mandate. Oregon is the only state in the country that requires a mask during outdoor high school competition. Turnbull said, “I’ve been concerned with the mask rule ever since they set it. You’re dealing with respiration, right? Your respiration is four times or five times more than when you’re first standing there.

“I’m highly concerned about that.”

Williams fell face first at the finish line. Now, Turnbull is saying that he’s concerned a high school athlete might die on the track this season. He’s advocating for the OHA and governor’s office to re-evaluate the mask rule and consider requiring athletes to wear a mask to the start line, then remove it to compete.

Said Turnbull: “In the sport of track and field part of what you’re doing is pushing the limits. I’ve seen lots of kids go down at the end of a race. What you usually see is them coming to a controlled finish. They get wobbly. I’ve never seen anybody — I’ve been doing this for 31 years — and I’ve never seen anybody right below the finish line basically lose consciousness.

What happened to Maggie Williams, who is a star athlete was an absolute travesty and just reemphasizes the problem with blanket mask mandates and illogical social distancing requirements that are only meant to perpetuate a narrative or enforced as a means of control.

On a side note, how amazing is Maggie Williams? Following her story, here’s what happened on Wednesday.

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She broke the record anyway!

That’s the American spirit, the will to fight, the drive to succeed.

The ability to let nothing or no one get in the way.

The Biden administration has been cowering in fear on the other side of the room, wearing masks during a Zoom call, mandating that children wear masks while playing outside in the fresh air.

Maggie Williams has been winning.

It’s time to take a page out of her playbook and stop letting fear rule.


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