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California And New York Could Lose House Seats After Census, Texas And Florida Look To Gain


Democrat’s response to COVID-19 in states like California and New York could cost their party some house seats.

The U.S. Census Bureau is set to release its 2020 population count which will determine how many House of Representatives seats will be in each state.

Based on recent population shifts, California and New York are on track to lose one seat each.

On the other hand, Texas is set to gain three seats and Florida is expecting to gain two seats.

Currently, right now the Democrats hold the majority in the House but it looks like not for long!

Fox News covered the interesting story, see what they had to add:

The U.S. Census Bureau on Monday will announce the results of the 2020 population count, which will determine the number of seats in the House of Representatives and potentially shift the power that some states have in the federal government.

Several states, according to estimated numbers from the political consulting firm Election Data Services, are on the bubble to potentially gain or lose members based on population shifts within the country. Among the biggest predicted winners are Florida and Texas, set to gain two and three seats respectively, while states including California and New York are expected to lose at least one seat each.

In addition to affecting the House members each state may elect, Monday’s numbers will also affect the number of Electoral College votes per state during presidential elections. Electoral College votes are assigned based on the number of House members each state has plus its two senators.

Election Data Services has also analyzed that Arizona, Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, and Oregon will gain one House seat too.

Bloomberg didn’t stay silent and covered the story too:

The once-a-decade battle to redraw the U.S. political map promises to be one of the most contentious ever when it kicks off this week, shadowed by the coronavirus pandemic and hindered by partisan divisions stoked during Donald Trump’s presidency.

The process starts with the release from last year’s constitutionally mandated count of every person living in the U.S., which happens every 10 years. That’ll determine which states gain seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and which ones lose. Democrats hold a narrow advantage now, and the shift of just a few seats could tip power back to Republican hands as soon as 2022.

States that Trump won in 2020 stand to gain House seats at the expense of seats in states won by President Joe Biden, thanks to population shifts. Gaining a seat in Congress also means gaining a vote in the Electoral College, which could affect the outcome of a close 2024 presidential race. And if the migration to Republican states is by mostly Democratic voters, it could portend a geographic shift in the states’ political identities.

The U.S. Census Bureau is set to release its 2020 population results today at 3 pm.

Be ready!


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