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Arizona Auditors Are Checking Ballots For Watermarks With Ultraviolet Lights


The audit going down in Arizona is the real deal folks.

Videos provided by show election workers scanning ballots underneath ultraviolet lights.

It appears the auditors are scanning the ballots for watermarks .

For those who say there’s no watermark on ballots you might want to rethink that because  an investigation by Sidney Powell determined there were watermarks on ballots.

If that’s not convincing enough even the corrupt WaPo was quoted months ago saying “there are watermarks on ballots that are linked to particular districts”.

So it appears the auditors are looking for watermarks on ballots to determine which ballots are real and which ones are fake.

The ultraviolet lights can also detect if creases were made on the ballot too.

Why would they look for creases?

Well just think if a ballot is a mail-in ballot it means it had to be folded to be put in the envelope.

So if a ballot is all fresh with no creases it would be obvious that the ballot is fraudulent.

Enough words check out the video yourself:

If the censorship police take that down take a look at this:

Here’s the report from the Washington Post admitting there are watermarks on ballots:

We Love Trump covered more on the Washington Post’s comments on watermarks months ago.

If you would like to take a look back check out this article: Washington Post Corroborates Watermark Theory

Sorry, I went on a little bit of a rabbit trail but I believe these details add more credibility to this story.

Jim Hoft over at The Gateway Pundit Covered the audit in Arizona too:

We reported previously — Inventor and data analyst Jovan Hutton Pulitzer has a process and the patents surrounding the process where he can identify fraudulent ballots based on the paper used, creases in the paper, the ink on the forms, and other characteristics. Pulitzer can identify fraudulent votes, which will ultimately result in the accurate results of the 2020 election when only valid votes are accounted for.

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On Saturday the coliseum cameras caught election workers scanning ballots individually in ultra-violet light.

It appears the election workers are running a true forensic audit.

A lot of people have been saying “if one falls they all fall” and then comparing the situation like dominos falling.

This is truly a great comparison!

I also like to think of Arizona as a piece in a Jenga set, once we pull out a victory in Arizona the Democrat stronghold on elections will crumble and fall.


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