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Soros Money Is Making It’s Way Into Packing The Highest Court In The Land

Liberal dark money is everywhere and sources now claim that it is being used to support The Democratic Party's efforts to pack The Supreme Court.


Not again!

George Soros just can’t seem to keep his money to himself…….He certainly has his hand in a lot of pots, or so people say.

What shady scheme is he funding now you may ask?

The packing of The Supreme Court my friends…..the highest court in the land. This is unthinkable to so many of us, but we all know Democrats don’t play by the rules.

I have said it before: some countries have banned this dude and his money.

Why not us?

The first step in draining the swamp should be to cut off all the funding going to the swamp and giving their agenda fuel.

Take a look:  

Fox News had the story here: 

The congressional Democrats appearing alongside the judicial activists shows the apparent closeness the activist left has with members of Congress. Each of the groups working to add seats to the Supreme Court is fueled by cash that comes from anonymous donors, making it unclear who is bankrolling the outside pressure campaign.

Demand Justice, the most active group advocating for expanding the Supreme Court, also has ties to President Joe Biden’s top aides. White House press secretary Jen Psaki served as an outside adviser to the group, and Paige Herwig, Biden’s point person on judicial nominations, also worked for the group prior to joining the administration.

Demand Justice is led by former Hillary Clinton aide Brian Fallon, who has close ties to the Democracy Alliance, a group of wealthy Democratic donors co-founded by liberal billionaire George Soros that helps steer the progressive agenda. Soros' Open Society Policy Center, a lobbying arm in his network, donated $2.6 million to Demand Justice around the time of its inception three years ago.

The National Review reported: 

President Biden’s recently announced commission to study structural changes to the Supreme Court is, of course, a not-so-subtle way of paving the road to packing the Court.

Biden has long known that Court-packing is a bad idea. Over the years, he has called it a “bonehead idea.” He asserted that Franklin D. Roosevelt was “corrupted by power” when he pushed his court-packing plan in 1937 and praised the Senate Democrats of the time who “stood against the executive overreaching.” As a presidential candidate last year, he repeated that he has “not been a fan of Court-packing.”  

But since the election, he has been pressured by the left-wing dark-money groups — especially those in the vast Arabella Advisors network — that spent over $100 million to get him into the White House. They are desperate to see this happen, and the president is willing to do whatever it takes to appease them — even if it is at the expense of the Court and the country.


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