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China Is Facing A BIG Population Crisis

China is reportedly lifting its one child policy in an effort to combat the looming demographic crisis the nation may soon face.


Those who have been paying attention to China know this has been coming for a while.

Years of a forced one-child policy, an aging, and the adoption of capitalism have all created big population issues in China.

Now there are reports of them trying to deal with all this through lifting the restrictions on having kids.

Will this help them though?

Maybe, and maybe not. All I know is that this has been an issue which they knew they were going to face pretty soon.

My bet is that lifting the restrictions will not solve their population issues…..imagine a China with double the population.

What would that mean for us? What would it mean for the world?

Take a look:

The Epoch Times had more on the story: 

China’s population is aging and the number of births has plummeted. The Central Bank of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has published a paper calling for full liberalization and encouragement of childbearing.

Some experts say that for economic reasons and overall war preparedness, Chinese Leader Xi Jinping may fully lift the birth restrictions.

On April 14, the CCP Central Bank published a working paper titled “Understanding and Countermeasures on Population Transition” on its official WeChat account. The paper pointed out that compared with developed countries, China is facing a more rapidly growing aging population and a more serious declining birth rate.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), if 7 percent of the population of a society is aged 65 or above, it is called an aging society. When the proportion reaches 14 percent, it is called the Aged Society. A proportion of 20 percent is called a “super-aged society.”

Foreign Affairs reported: 

Dramatic demographic changes are underway in China that will shape the country’s economic, social, and geopolitical outlook for decades to come. These much-discussed shifts include a slump in the numbers of working-age people, the rapid aging of the population, and a growing gender imbalance with men significantly outnumbering women. Yet one absolutely momentous demographic trend has attracted far less attention: the coming transformation of the Chinese family structure.

In the span of a generation, Chinese families will be much thinner than ever before. Extended kinship networks will atrophy across the nation, and many people will no longer have close blood relatives. This shift in the nature of the Chinese family is the unavoidable consequence of China’s prolonged decline in fertility rates, a trend that predated the implementation of Beijing’s harsh one-child policy in 1979.


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