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Here We Go Again: Police Shoot 15-Year Old Black Girl in Columbus; Here are the Facts


And right on cue…

BLM has something else to be outraged about.

Just hours after Derek Chauvin was charged GUILTY in the case of George Floyd, news reports emerged of Makiyah Bryant.

Bryant was a 15 year old black girl who was shot to death by police in Columbus, Ohio.

This incident happened less than 2 hours after the guilty verdict was announced.

How’s that for timing?

Immediately, BLM began gathering in the streets, turning this into their new rallying cry.

“Say her name.”

But here’s the thing…

Makiyah Bryant was WIELDING A KNIFE.

Video appears to suggest that she was attacking someone with a knife when police fired in self defense.

But that’s not what BLM is telling you.


Well, we’ll report the facts below, and you can decide for yourself:

First, here is the body cam footage that the police released:

Now, here are more details around the case of Makiyah Bryant that the media will likely refuse to report:

However, it is clear that this 15 year old girl was wielding a knife.

That is not up for debate.

She was threatening the safety of others.

Why is BLM constantly trying to defend criminals?

Why are they attempting to turn dangerous people into saints?

Reuters has more information:

Police in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday fatally shot a Black teenage girl they confronted as she lunged at two people with a knife, as seen in police video footage of the encounter, authorities said.

The incident, sparking street protests in Ohio’s largest city, came as the nation was focused on the guilty verdict a Minneapolis jury returned against a white former Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering George Floyd last year by kneeling on his neck.

Releasing police body-camera video of Tuesday’s shooting hours later, the interim Columbus police chief, Michael Woods, said officers involved there were responding to an emergency-911 call from someone who reported an attempted stabbing at a home on the city’s southeast side.

Arriving police encountered a chaotic scene of several people on the front lawn where the teenager in question, brandishing a knife, charged toward one female who falls backwards, then lunged at a second female, the video showed.

A slow-motion replay of the video shows the second victim stumbling backward against a car parked in the driveway as the knife-wielding youth raises the weapon as if about to stab her, and an officer opens fire.

The teenager immediately collapses against the parked car and onto the ground, and the weapon, which appears to be a kitchen-style knife, is seen lying on the pavement near her as an officer crouches at her side to render medical aid.

Authorities described the youth who was fatally shot as a 15-year-old girl. But family members have identified her as Makiyah Bryant, aged 16.

The police chief said the video, which he said shows the slain teenager trying to stab both females, was released to the public within hours of the incident in the interest of “transparency.”

The officer who opened fire was not identified but appears from the video to be white. The chief said he “would be taken off the street” pending an investigation.

Around the time the video was made public, live television news coverage showed a growing crowd of protesters on city streets after dark, confronting a small line of police officers on bicycles.

But forget about the facts.

BLM is now rallying around this knife-wielding criminal.

Protests are already building for the knife wielder.

Local news reports confirm that protests began spreading in Columbus, Ohio.

Will we see more protests across the nation as news about this latest shooting spreads?

Here is what local ABC 6 reported:

Protesters gathered Tuesday night at Columbus Police headquarters and on Legion Lane in southeast Columbus after family members said a teen was killed in a police shooting.

Family members have identified the victim as 15-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.

Around 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, police were called to the 3000 block of Legion Lane on a report of an attempted stabbing. A victim was taken to Mt. Carmel East in critical condition but was pronounced just before 5:30 p.m.

A group first started gathering at the scene. Many were saying “enough is enough” and were asking if the officers involved were wearing body cameras.

The crowd on Legion Lane has continued to grow throughout the evening.

In downtown Columbus, a small group of people had gathered Tuesday evening after the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial. Chauvin was found guilty of the death of George Floyd last May.

As news of the shooting spread, the crowd grew and moved to Columbus Police headquarters.

Protesters chanted “say her name…Makiyah Bryant” as they marched through downtown Columbus.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said in a tweet that body-worn camera footage will be reviewed as soon as possible. He is asking residents to remain calm and to allow BCI to investigate.

Here’s a newsflash:

Don’t wield a knife.

You’ll keep those around you safe.

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And you yourself will be much safer.

It’s common sense.

But that’s what Democrats are trying to abolish.


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