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BLM Caught On Camera Telling White People to “Get the F– Out of New York!”


Do you miss law and order yet?

Do you miss equal justice under the law?

Because in Joe Biden’s America, racism is allowed to flourish openly.

In Trump’s America, ALL Americans were put first.

Let us be very clear: the only divisive ones here are the Democrats.

And we have proof.

There is video that has emerged from New York City.

BLM began harassing diners at a restaurant.

They chanted for white people to:

Get the F— Out of New York!

Here’s the ironic thing…

New York City is as liberal as you get.

It’s as blue as you get.

It’s as woke as you get.

Let this be a lesson to everyone: no matter how woke you attempt to be, the radical social justice mob will always come after you.

They will invent a reason to be upset with you.

Watch the disturbing footage from New York below:

Now here’s the thing.

Reverse the races.

If white people were telling black people to get out of New York, don’t you think that would be a national story?

Don’t you think it would be trending on social media?

Of course it would!

But this incident is just as WRONG and just as DESPICABLE!

So help us get this trending!

Share this article with your friends so that they know the truth about what’s going on in major blue cities.

The New York Post confirms this terrifying incident:

Black Lives Matter protesters were caught on camera harassing diners outside a family-owned Brooklyn taqueria — with dozens screaming at them to “stay the f–k outta New York.”

“We don’t want you here,” screamed a ringleader standing on a table as he led an angry call-and-response chant from his comrades who framed the outdoor dining area of Maya Taqueria in Prospect Heights.

“We don’t want your f—ing money! We don’t want your f—ing taqueria, owned by f—ing white men!” he screamed, with the mob repeating each line, as caught in video by The Post.

The owner is listed as Daniel Nassar, who has said in numerous interviews that he crafted his traditional recipes while cooking with his family.

In a recent video interview with ChowNow, Nassar explained how all of his staff relied on the restaurant, an 11-year “neighborhood staple,” to survive during the pandemic.

“There’s employees that need their paychecks on a weekly basis to support their families,” he said.

Locals and supporters of the restaurant quickly came to its defense online.

“I can assure you the people who own family-owned Maya Taqueria want them there, and their food is delicious,” Brooklyn Events tweeted.

“Leave them the f–k alone.”

Another previous diner noted that the restaurant is “good as hell, inexpensive and really not the problem.”

Meanwhile, the protesters seemed confused over whether they wanted the restaurant and staff to close down — or get more cash.

After first screaming “we don’t want your f—ing taqueria,” a woman in the group then shouts “tip 30 percent!” — with the rest of the crowd seeming to miss the irony by marching away down Vanderbilt Ave. chanting, “Tip 30 percent!”

The NYPD was not called to the incident, and neither Nassar nor anyone at the taqueria could be reached immediately Wednesday.

This never happened when Donald Trump was president.


Because Trump loved all Americans.

Compare this to Biden, who preaches “unity,” but has only continued to divide us.


Take a closer look at the guy chanting.

We don’t know about you, but he looks a little pale to us…

If it’s a white guy telling other white people to get out of New York City, this is proof that BLM and the Democrats only want you to be self-loathing.

They want to weaken and destroy America from within.


Newsweek also confirms this tragic story:

With emotions running high following the guilty verdicts of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd, video shared on social media shows a group of protesters in New York City heckling diners by chanting slogans such as “we don’t want you here.”

New York was among the major metropolitan areas that had braced for possible unrest, especially if the Chauvin verdict had gone the other way in the case that lit the fuse for nationwide protests and spurred a debate about racial inequality.

Following the convictions on Tuesday night, demonstrations were planned all throughout the city, especially in downtown Brooklyn and midtown Manhattan, CBS 1 News reported.

People shared on social media images of a large gathering in solidarity at Barclays Center in Brooklyn with many wearing “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) shirts and carrying signs.

New York journalist Nick Pinto tweeted updates of a march by the group NYC Shut it Down, which campaigns against police racism. Pinto described how protesters moved eastwards from the Barclays building to Vanderbilt Avenue, where they paused outside of Maya Taqueria “to castigate the outdoor diners.”

Author Andy Ngô shared a video in which he describes the crowd as “BLM protesters.” The video shows a man leading a call-and-response chant from what appears to be a platform outside a taqueria on Tuesday night.

The crowd repeats his chants as he starts with, “stay the f— out of New York!” before going on to say “we don’t want you here,” and, “we don’t want your f***ing money.”

He then shouts, “we don’t want your f***ing taquerias…owned by f***ing white men.” He repeats a shout from the crowd of supporters , chanting, “tip 30 percent,” a quip which prompted laughter and cheering from some in the crowd.

Fortunately, it appears that no one was hurt in this incident.

But if tensions continue to increase thanks to Joe Biden, who knows how much longer safety might last.


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