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You Would Never Do This To Your Car, So Why Are You Doing It To Your Body?


It’s not often that I write an entire article about a meme!

In fact, I don’t think I have ever done that.

But this one is so perfect and so spot on that I had to share it with you and give you my thoughts….and I hope you will share it with your family and friends to wake people up:

That really puts it in perspective, doesn’t it folks?

Would any of us ever do that even to our car?


I am confident to say not 1 in a 1,000 of us would ever take that bet with our car.

And yet millions of Americans are blindly doing it to their bodies….


Because of the MSM brainwashing….

Because of the MSM fear machine….

Because of the depopulation agenda?

I think so.

Well, I have a voice and I have a platform and I’m fighting back against this MSM garbage!

And in case you haven’t figured out the analogy yet, the COVAIDS virus has a 99.9% survival rate, and that’s if you even get it.

And the vaccine?

Well, we have reported countless times here at WeLoveTrump of very scary stories (man’s skin burns and peels off after vaccine) and stats (over 10,000 deaths from the vaccine) about the vaccine that should terrify you.

And EXPERIMENTAL vaccine, mind you.

This thing is 100% experimental, not proven science.

And since in any experiment you must have a lab rat….well guess what?  YOU are the lab rat!

Well, maybe not you, and definitely not me — but all the people getting the jab are the lab rat.

No thank you!

I do not want my DNA altered, thank you very much!

God gave me a wonderfully and skillfully made body when he created me, and I will not be modifying it with your demonic mRNA vaccine!

So there you go, there is an entire article and rant from me coming from just one meme.

I told you it was a powerful meme.

Now go share it with your friends and family and maybe we will wake some more people up.

Shouldn’t you at least treat your body as well as you would treat your car?

And before I go, it must be a day for memes because my friend Diesel Patriot sent me this one and I also thought it was brilliant.

Take a look:

Interesting right?

Oh, by the way, TOTALLY different and unrelated topic, but has anyone received their Stimulus Checks?


Oh no reason, just curious…..

Now read it again…👇


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