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Remote Island Tribe That Believed Prince Phillip Was God Has Been Performing Rituals After His Death


This might be the strangest thing you’ll read all week.

So here it goes…

A remote South Pacific island tribe believes that Prince Phillip was a god and was an incarnation of a volcano spirit.

See, I told you it was strange…

An Australian Museum research associate Kirk Huffman who’s been studying the tribe has stated that the people of the island of Tanna in southern Vanuatu have been holding big gatherings and giving funeral speeches to honor their god Prince Phillip.

A leading anthropologist that studies the group has said the group will more than likely turn their allegiance to Prince Charles now.

Prince Phillip had to know about this happening, the tribe was even covered by the Associated Press at one point.

Why do you think he never proclaimed that he was just a man to the people?

Did he like the idea of being worshipped?

The Daily Mail shared more on the strange story:

A remote island tribe who believe Prince Philip is their god have devised a day of rituals to mark his death.

The tribesmen and women on the South Pacific island of Tanna in Vanuatu will mourn by dancing, speeches and the ceremonial drinking of the native plant kava, according to an expert on the culture.

The group – who believe Prince Philip is their god and the incarnation of a volcano spirit – could also anoint his son Prince Charles as his successor.

While the royal family has been preparing for the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral service on Saturday, Australian Museum research associate Kirk Huffman believes similar preparations have been taking place on the other side of the world.

Mr Huffman is considered an authority on what is known as the Prince Philip Movement – a group based in villages in the south-western part of the island of Tanna in southern Vanuatu.

He added: ‘Those in the movement have been very saddened to hear about his death.

‘As soon as the messages about his death came they had meetings.

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‘They got leaders, important people from two, possibly three different factions of the group together at a meeting to sort out how they’re going to deal with the funerary situation.

‘They held funerary speeches last weekend. There may be special dances.

The worship of Prince Phillip is called the Prince Phillip movement.

Check out this short documentary of the group that shows how strong of a delusion they are in:

My hope is one day someone will visit this island and rescue these people from the devil’s lie and preach Christ Jesus to them.

Pray for them!


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