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Nancy Pelosi Ready To “Throw In The Towel” [BULLISH NOAH]


This is absolutely classic.

I think you’re gonna get a good laugh out of this one.

First a little background….

It appears as though some joker out there signed my email up for Nancy Pelosi’s fundraising email list.

They probably thought they really got me, but guess what?

I love it!

I love getting a sneak peak on what the enemy is doing and they just invited me into their camp!


They aren’t the brightest.

I guess they knew enough to find my email address but didn’t know enough to realize my name is NOAH, so instead (and I have no idea why) they listed my name as “Bullish”.

Weird, right?

I actually kind of like that too….Bullish sounds strong!  Perfect fit!

From now on, you can refer to me a BULLISH NOAH!

It also reminds me of the prophecies about Trump from Kim Clement that he would be like a BULL in a China shop, not respecting Republicans or Democrats or traditions or rulers.

So that’s the backstory.

Now the fun part.

Here’s an email I got last week from good old wrinklebags herself:

Ok, let’s take a moment and break this down.

Somehow, they think “sadly;” is an acceptable subject line?

I know Democrats aren’t very smart, but that’s just “sad”….to borrow a word.

Then just look at this thing….I know it’s designed to rile up her base, but the whole thing is admitting how terribly they are doing!

When we get emails from PRESIDENT Trump, it’s always talking about the great things we are doing and will continue to do!

Making America Great Again!

Always focused on achievements, always focused on the future.

The Dems?

They just wallow in their failures.

This is truly hilarious!

And now the newest one I just got today.

This is my favorite of all.

Look at her first line…..

“Bullish, I’m about to throw in the towel.”

Man, these are some pathetic losers, aren’t they?

I know it’s partially a marketing campaign to rile up her base, but I actually think there’s more to it than that.

I really think she’s telling the truth about most of this.

I think most Americans, even those who lean left or even voted Biden (all 20 million of them), are mostly disgusted by what he’s doing and do not support it.

I think for once in her wrinkled life, Nancy is telling the truth:

So thank you to whoever signed me up!

Sincerely yours,



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