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Man Interrupts CNN Reporter During Riot: Says the Press “Makes This Worse”

The man told the CNN crew to get out of Minneapolis rather than making the situation worse.


The violence and rioting in Minneapolis continued into Monday night.

CNN reporter Sara Sidner was covering the events live in the city when she got an unexpected visitor.

A man wearing a face mask interrupted the live feed and berated the media as a whole.

He immediately accused them of making the situation worse.

The man, who refused to give his name, went on a profanity-laced tirade against the media after Sidner asked him what he thought, exclaiming:

“What I think about this is, all the press and all the extra s— y’all do makes this worse!”

He then accused CNN of editing out what they want, in order to make the situation look worse, to which Sidner proclaimed that the feed was live.

The man responded:

“I don’t care if you’re live or not, get away from here with all that media s– that y’all doing.”

“Y’all doing the extra s— for the backhand s— to make people crazier than what the f— they are.”

Our friends at Fox News have the story:

A man had a blunt exchange with a CNN reporter over the media's presence in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, amid unrest that followed the police-involved shooting of Daunte Wright Sunday.

CNN correspondent Sara Sidner was reporting live from the Minneapolis suburb Monday night as fireworks were set off into the sky behind her.

She was then confronted by a man wearing a cap and face mask.

"Now you can see -- y'all be twistin' up the story. That y'all doin'," the man interrupted.

Sidner then engaged with the man, who refused to give his name, and asked him what he thought about everything that was going on around them.

"What I think about this is, all the press and all the extra s--- y'all do makes this worse!" the man exclaimed.

"You think so?" Sidner asked.

"Yeah," the man said. "Y'all need to get up outta here with all that twistin' up the media and s---, real s---."

Newsweek has more on the confrontation:

"Do you want to talk to me? Don't take my mic," she replied as the man agreed to be interviewed and shook hands with the reporter.

"We're cool. What's your name?," Sidner asked, only for the protestor to reply: "What's my name? My name is my name."

Sidner attempted to move the conversation on and asked the demonstrator what he thought about the unrest unfolding in Brooklyn Center and appeared somewhat surprised to hear he blamed the media.

"All the press and all the extra s**t you all do is making this worse," he replied, before suggesting TV cameras shouldn't be covering protests.

When the CNN reporter questioned the claim, the man reiterated his point with a few expletive-laden sentences. As Sidner urged him to be careful during the protests, the man sarcastically batted away those concerns, suggesting instead it was the reporter and her crew who had to leave the scene as swiftly as possible.

"Do I look like I'm scared? You all need to get up out of here twisting up the media and s**t," he continued.

In an attempt to reason with the protester and convince him she was purely doing her job and was genuinely interested in his thoughts about the demonstration, Sidner offered to give him her phone number so that "we're going to know each other." The demonstrator, however, took her offer as a stunt that would subsequently be edited out of the coverage.

"Talk about something that's real," he said.

"You are all just going to edit out the s**t and then y'all gonna edit out some of other s**t!"

When Sidner pointed out they were broadcasting live, the man rejected the claim, eventually urging the CNN reporter to get closer to the protests when she reiterated the broadcast was live. Sidner walked in the direction the demonstrator had pointed towards, closing the segment by saying: "Everyone's got a hot head right now, as you might imagine."

The remarkable confrontation between Sidner and the demonstrator came as protesters and police clashed for a second night in Brooklyn Center. Officers deployed teargas, flash bangs and other non-lethal devices to disperse crowds that had gathered outside the Brooklyn Police Department headquarters.

Sidner shared her own account of the confrontation on Twitter:

Several media outlets and personalities chipped in with their opinions of the encounter:


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