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Black Voters: Not Only Is Voter ID NOT Racist, It Should Be Required!


I’ve been saying this for a LONG time now….

Not only is Voter ID not remotely racist, but actually saying that it is racist… racist itself!

What an absolutely preposterous thing to say!

When liberals try to tell you Voter ID is racist, what they’re really saying is black people are so dumb they can’t figure out how to get a driver’s license or voter ID card!

That’s actually a super racist idea, to claim that black people are so inferior and so incapable of the most basic things in life that they couldn’t obtain a driver’s license or voter ID card.


So I love this video that Liberty Hangout just released interviewing a bunch of black Americans about the Georgia Voter ID law and voter ID in general.

The responses are fantastic.

Show this to everyone you know:

And if you agree that we need Voter ID, please sign our petition.

Our goal is to hit ONE MILLION signatures in support of Voter ID:

SIGN THE PETITION: The Time Has Come…We Need National Voter ID Now!

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