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My Phone Call With Mike Lindell….


Hi friends,

Noah here and I wanted to tell you a personal story.

Yesterday, I was on a phone call with none other than THE Mike Lindell….the MyPillow man himself and I thought I would give you a sneak peak into how it went.

Would you like to know?

Ok, let’s do this.

The call was to preview his brand new social media platform that is launching VERY soon called Frank.

I was invited to a sneak preview and I also am going to be able to get all WeLoveTrump readers an early access link, which will be ready very soon!

So stay tuned for that, I’ll get you all hooked up.

But back to the call….

I have to tell you something, this guy is the real deal.

He is as genuine in person as he comes across when you see him on TV.

Not only that, but he’s a tornado of energy!

You can see he’s clearly a very fast thinker and acts on very strong intuition.  Reminds me a lot of our President Trump, no wonder they get along so well.  Cut from the same cloth!

Mike’s new social media platform is built from the ground up, including building (and paying for!) his own cloud server farm, able to host up to 1 billion members!

NO ONE, not Amazon, not Google, not Apple….no one is going to be able to shut him down!

The platform will have NO censorship and the basic rules are very simple: no porno, no F-word, no C-word, no N-word and no taking the LORD’s name in vain.

I told you, Mike is the real deal.

On top of that, he ended our call with a prayer!

This guy is special.

I truly believe when the history books are written, Mike Lindell will go down as a man who played a key role in SAVING free speech in America.

There’s a reason our Founding Fathers made it #1 on the list of the Bill of Rights you know….it’s that important.

And after gross abuses from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apple and Google, free speech is currently on life support in America.

But that’s all about to change.

Free speech is about to make a major comeback and I’m going to be first in line!

So THANK YOU Mike, for doing this.

82+ million Americans have your back and we’ll be on the new platform as soon as it’s up and running.

Stay tuned here to WeLoveTrump and to my Nightly Newsletter for an exclusive link to join early….coming soon!

And in the meantime, if you want to support Mike and what he’s doing, please buy something at MyPillow.

You can save up to 66% with my promo code WLT….👇

Personally, my two favorite things that I will never buy ANYWHERE else again are the Giza Cotton bedsheets and bath sheet towels.

I just bought two more of each!  Highly recommended if you’ve never tried them.

We’ve got your back Mike! 👇

Visit and type in promo code WLT to save on anything you purchase.  👇


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