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Trump Curse: Rosie O’Donnell Home to Be Bulldozed, Turned Into Affordable Housing in Celebrity Neighborhood


You’d think the Democrats would have learned their lesson.

If you go against President Trump, you inevitably lose.

And the latest loser?

Rosie O’Donnell.

O’Donnell’s New Jersey home will be BULLDOZED.

But that’s not the funniest part.

The best part is that the home will be replaced with affordable housing… in a celebrity neighborhood.

We’re sure her neighbors and celebrity friends are *thrilled*.

More details on this unexpected development below!


This should make Rosie O’Donnell happy.

Heck, this should make her liberal celebrity friends happy.

Aren’t they all about spreading the wealth?

Well, bulldozing Rosie’s home and replacing it with affordable housing will definitely help spread the wealth!

According to the New York Post:

After years of not being able to find a buyer for her Saddle River mansion, Rosie O’Donnell finally caved and sold her home at a loss, The Post has learned.

But the home’s next residents are already causing a stir in the tony neighborhood, home to the rich and famous, from rapper Ja Rule to singer Mary J. Blige.

The six-bedroom, nine-bathroom abode is expected to be demolished and turned into a series of affordable housing units per a landmark public court settlement with Fair Share Housing Center.

But the agreement has left its upscale residents outraged.

According to an unnamed source who lives in the area and was familiar with the proceedings, the borough had plans to comply with the affordable housing requirements in Saddle River. The requirements usually include sites that are 100% affordable.

However, in this case, local developers Saddle River Investors intervened, court docs show.

And their intervention only “added insult to injury,” the source said.

As part of a fair housing court settlement between the borough of Saddle River and the Fair Share Housing Center of NJ, the 5-acre lot that belonged to O’Donnell will be converted into 60 units — of which only 20% will be used for affordable housing.

Essentially, the source said, “the developer plans to segregate the units, instead of integrating them with the high density multi-family housing.” While there is no legal requirement that the units be integrated, residents say the current plan doesn’t sit well with them. Saddle River Investors has declined to comment on the matter.

The insider explained that of the 60 units in the plan, “only eight are set for low and moderate income and the developer will stick the eight units in the back corner of the property instead of integrating, so everyone will know these are the homes saved for the poor.”

The controversy calls to mind similar issues over affordable housing, such as the so-called “poor door” at the upscale Lincoln Square Tower in Manhattan.

issue,” another resident said. “Fair Share Housing decided to make Saddle River its example.”

Bergen County court records reveal the case — including the 20% affordable housing stipulation — was settled when the borough agreed to include O’Donnell’s property and two other neighboring properties that span 10 acres.

“It makes no sense and it’s creating a further divide between the wealthiest and the non [wealthiest],” they added. “There is not even public transportation here!”

O’Donnell, 59, sold the property at a $1 million loss for $5.3 million on March 17 after five years on the market, according to an insider. The actress, who is currently filming the new season of Showtime’s “The L Word,” first bought the home in 2013 for $6.3 million.

O’Donnell currently resides in an $8 million, four-bedroom, three-bathroom luxury New York City penthouse in Midtown.

This has got to be very embarrassing for Rosie O’Donnell.

Ever since going against President Trump, she just keeps losing!

This is what you get if you make yourself an unlikable and controversial figure.

Instead of backing the president who put America first, Rosie did everything she could to tear him down.

Closer Weekly has more details on this development:

While most Hollywood celebs settle down in California or New York, Rosie O’Donnell made New Jersey her home when she purchased a massive English country mansion in 2013. However, the Rosie O’Donnell Show alum listed the home in July 2015, but it sat on the market for more than five years … until now!

Rosie finally sold the six-bedroom, nine-bathroom abode in March 2021. Per Page Six, an insider revealed the property was bought for $5.3 million. At the time the A League of Their Own actress moved into the dwelling, she paid $6.36 million.

The former View star’s residence — which sits on over five acres — is set to be demolished and turned into a series of affordable housing units, according to a landmark public court settlement with Fair Share Housing Center. Page Six reported the home will be converted into 60 units, 20 percent of which will be used for affordable housing.

According to the source, who is familiar with the proceedings, the “developer plans to segregate the units, instead of integrating them with the high-density multi-family housing.”

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Though it’s only a matter of time until Rosie’s home is no longer standing, it’s no surprise she made plenty of good memories in the abode. In addition to the plethora of bedrooms and bathrooms, the mansion featured formal and living areas, as well as a dream-worthy kitchen.

The Now and Then star’s former living space was even more impressive as it boasted a full list of luxury amenities. Aside from having an entirely separate guesthouse with a master bedroom and en suite bathroom, Rosie’s house was fitted with a pub-style bar, a movie theater, an artist’s studio and a three-car garage.

So what do you think?

Is this just another turn of events?

Or has karma come for Rosie O’Donnell.

Let us know in the comments below!


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