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President Trump May Have A Hand In Improving Future Election Integrity

Cleta Mitchell is reported to have regular contact with President Trump, and is spearheading efforts to bring integrity to future U.S. elections.


Who is Cleta Mitchell?

She is a former Trump advisor, and is now spearheading efforts to push for tougher election laws.

I can’t stress how important all of this is. The GOP is constantly accused of racially prompted voting laws, but this is not true.

President Trump said it once before: “even Mexico uses voter ID.”

These things are not so hard or far fetched…..and in any other country none of this would be a problem.

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WE have a problem, and that problem is not so hard to see. We need election laws to actually provide some measure of election security.

Take a look:  

The Associated Press reported: 

A GOP lawyer who advised former President Donald Trump on his campaign to overturn the 2020 election results is now playing a central role coordinating the Republican effort to tighten voting laws around the country.

Cleta Mitchell, a longtime Republican lawyer and advocate for conservative causes, was among the Trump advisers on a January phone call in which Trump asked Georgia election officials to “find” enough votes to declare him, and not Democrat Joe Biden, the winner of the battleground state.

Now Mitchell has taken the helm of two separate efforts to push for tighter state voting laws and to fight Democratic efforts to expand access to the ballot at the federal level. She is also advising state lawmakers crafting the voting restriction proposals. And, she said Friday, she is in regular contact with Trump.

The Hill had more on the story: 

In Georgia, the state legislature passed a law last week that changed a large portion of the local election laws, something Democrats there and across the country warn will deal a blow to voting rights and disenfranchise minority voters in a disproportionate way.

Stacey Abrams, one of the nation's leading voting rights activists, dubbed the new voting law as “Jim Crow 2.0.”

“Georgia Republicans’ shameful efforts to suppress the vote and seize electoral power through SB 202 demonstrate how critical the fight for voting rights remains,” Abrams said. “Now, more than ever, Americans must demand federal action to protect voting rights as we continue to fight against these blatantly unconstitutional efforts that are nothing less than Jim Crow 2.0.”


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