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Oakland Gives Low-Income Families $500, but Only if They’re Not White


A new program in Oakland will give $500 monthly checks to families with at least one child who earn less than $59,000 per year.

But the program has a catch.

If you’re white, no need to apply.

The program is only available to people of color.

When you have a program meant to help impoverished people and it’s only available for certain races, what’s the word I’m looking for?


This is that woke liberal racism.

If you’re going to help the poor, then help the poor.

I’m sure denying aid based on skin color is exactly the message MLK would like to send in 2021.

But these race-based policies meant to divide the people is nothing surprising from ultra-liberal California.

If you’re white a white family living on $10,000, you have privilege and don’t get anything.

But a family earning $50,000 gets the thumbs up for aid since they have the right skin color.

Racist is racist, regardless of who you’re treating unfairly.

What ever happened to judge someone by the content of their character?

That message never seemed to sink into the minds of liberals:

From the Daily Mail:

A program to give $500 monthly checks to low-income families of color in Oakland, California, has been criticized for explicitly excluding the 10,000 white residents living in poverty in the city.

The lottery system, funded by private philanthropists, will see the no-strings-attached checks go to households with an annual income of less than $59,000 if they have at least one child. The other half of the $500 checks will go to those earning under $30,000.

According to data from an Oakland Equity Indicators Report, cited by officials to justify favoring people of color, white households earn about three times that of African-American ones.

The same report states around 8 per cent of the city’s white residents, approximately 10,000 people, live in poverty.

Schaaf told the Associated Press the reason for limiting eligibility to black, indigenous and other people of color was that white households in Oakland make on average about three times as much as black households.

Mayor Schaaf said: ‘We have designed this demonstration project to add to the body of evidence, and to begin this relentless campaign to adopt a guaranteed income federally.’

The announcement sparked an angry debate online, as hundreds of commentators on Reddit were critical of the move.

One commenter labeled it ‘pure racism’.

‘Is this even legal? Can a city government legally have a program that’s only for certain races?’

Another explained the program failed to understand the changing demographics of the city.

‘The high income earners in Oakland are mostly young transplants that did not grow up in Oakland. They should have done research on upward social mobility in Oakland and restricted based upon that. But I guess that’s too much work.’

Another wrote: ‘Poor is poor. Being poor and white sucks, you may not get locked up for trivial shit like our dark skinned brothers and sisters but it’s no secret that White Privilege always has and always will require a certain shade of green to your name.’

The group behind the scheme, Oakland Resilient Families, said the idea for race-based payments began in 2020 when Mayor Schaaf pledged to bring a guaranteed income pilot to Oakland.


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