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Nose-Only Clown Masks the Latest Wacky COVID-19 Invention


Whenever you think the COVID-19 calamity can’t get any dumber, there always seems to be another low point for humanity.

The media recommending to wear 3 masks.

Kids playing instruments in music pods.

We’ve seen lots of wacky contraptions and ideas in the age of COVID-19.

But another craze may soon be coming to a town near you.

Meet the nose-only mask.


Researchers in Mexico claim it provides protection while eating or drinking at a restaurant.

So, they want to restrict your breathing while you sit down for a meal now?

And what’s the logic behind protection if your mouth is still exposed?

It’s not like the face diapers make a difference anyway.

But covering up just your nose is supposed to make any difference?

I guess it’s another test for the sheeple to see if they’ll jump on command.

The ones who comply will only look like clowns eating their food or sipping their drink.

Check out this latest idiotic COVID-19 invention:

Many on Twitter poked fun at the sheer stupidity of this latest COVID-19 gizmo made for compliant sheeple.

Fox News reported:

Researchers in Mexico have sniffed out a new COVID-19 mask designed for people to wear only over their schnozes while they eat, according to a report Wednesday.

The nose masks — worn under a full mask with similar behind-the-ears straps — were unveiled in a demonstration video where a man and woman sit down for lunch, according to Reuters.

In the video, the pair takes off their normal masks to reveal their nose-only gear before chowing down at an outdoor table.

Some observers cheered the idea on Twitter, saying it would “reduce transmission” while others poked fun of its goofy look.

“Hardly a new invention, clowns have been wearing them for years,” one user posted, along with a photo of  a bright red clown nose.

Human cells that give people a sense of smell are a key entry point for coronavirus, making nose coverings important, according to Johns Hopkins University. But the World Health Organization recommends that people wear masks covering their nose, mouth and chin to best protect from the virus.

And Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies have shown that more mask material is generally better than less. Last month, a CDC study showed that double-masking can significantly decrease the spread of the coronavirus.

In the U.S., roughly 30 million people have contracted the virus, and 544,000 people have died from it, according to Johns Hopkins University.


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