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Ted Cruz Tells A Reporter He’s Free To Leave If He’s Scared of No Mask


Ted Cruz can really have some great moments…

Today was one of them.

A mealy-mouthed reporter asked Ted Cruz to put a mask on while he spoke to the press.

Ted said no.

Then the guy whined and said it would “make him feel better”….

Ted’s response?

Basically: screw your feelings.

I love it.

These people are all about “trust the science” except all the times when it doesn’t benefit them.

You know, like having TWO genders.

Or vaccinations.

Now I am NOT in favor of the vaccine, but I definitely think if someone is going to get the vaccine, shouldn’t they then be free from wearing a mask?

What is the point if not?

Watch Ted explain that to the pea brain reporter, here on Rumble:

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