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Former DOJ Prosecutor Wants To Force Businesses Into Spreading Disgusting Propaganda

According to reports, Glenn Kirschner wants every American business to "pledge" that the 2020 elections were fair and accurate.


Forced speech huh?

I’ll tell you one thing right now: no one will EVER force me to say that Democrats didn’t cheat in the 2020 election, or any other statement for that matter.

This is still America, and we can say whatever it is we please.

Glenn Kirschner doesn’t seem to understand this, but tough luck for him.

The more this whole thing goes on the more these Democrats and “Liberals” expose just how authoritarian they really are.

If what you say is truly honest, if it is truly just, then you don’t need to force people to say it.

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This is a play right out of the first chapter of the Stalin handbook.

Take a look:  

The Huffington Post, a far left news outlet, had this to report: 

A former federal prosecutor has launched a campaign to press American businesses to openly reject the core assertion that former President Donald Trump and many in his party continue to make, that the 2020 election was somehow illegitimate.

“The 2020 presidential election was free and fair, and produced accurate, reliable results,” reads the explanation behind the “Democracy Pledge” that Glenn Kirschner hopes to put before “every company in the country” in the coming months. “Those who sought to undermine or otherwise refused to acknowledge these results, share responsibility for the civil unrest after the election, culminating in violence at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.”

The pledge includes a declaration of “valuing, affirming and supporting democracy,” and of affirming “that the election of Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris was free, fair and legitimate.”

The final piece asks companies to “not support, donate to or endorse politicians, political campaigns or political action committees that promoted false conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 presidential elections (or otherwise acted in ways contrary to a representative democracy).”

The Gateway Pundit also had this to say: 

Individuals like Glenn Kirschner should never have been allowed near our DOJ.  If he doesn’t understand that we have freedom of speech in this country, he never should have been there.  If he doesn’t understand that Americans want free and fair elections, he never should have been in the DOJ.  For four years individuals like Kirchner were on TV claiming they knew best about President Trump while their fellow partners were finagling the Mueller coup to have him illegally removed from office.  It was all a setup.

But that wasn’t all.  Kirshner was also involved in the Seth Rich case.

Attorney Ty Clevenger for years attempted to obtain information related to the Seth Rich murder.  Rich worked in the DNC before the 2016 election and was suspected of handing over emails to WikiLeaks before the 2016 election.  He was gunned down in the middle of the night in the summer of 2016 in Washington D.C. but it was labeled a robbery yet nothing was stolen.  The murderers were never caught and it then all appeared to be covered up.


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