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Now Kamala Harris Is “Asian-American”…?


Behold folks, the amazing Kamala Harris!

It was a real miracle when she became the first “black woman” to run for Vice President.


Because she isn’t black.

Oh, she played up that story big time, claiming she is “just a little black girl” or something like that…but the truth is, she’s not black.

Sorry, let me paraphrase Joe Biden:  “You ain’t black!  Come on, man!”

True story.

By all accounts, Harris is half Jamaican and half Indian.

Oh but now?

Now as soon as there is a tragedy affecting Asian Americans, Harris is now Asian American!

Behold, the great racially shifting Kamala Harris!

When tragedy strikes the Eskimos, get ready for Kamala Harris to announce she’s the first Eskimo President!

And the Media, of course, is doing their part to play it up big time.

Take a look:

From the AP:

For Asian Americans, 2020 was a year of political success and newfound influence. But it was also a time of vulnerability to racist assaults.

That painful dichotomy will be on display Friday when President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the first person of South Asian descent to hold national office, visit Atlanta just days after a white gunman killed eight people, most of them Asian American women, in three metro-area massage businesses. The killings come after a spike of anti-Asian violence nationally.

The presidential trip was planned before the shooting, as part of a victory lap aimed at selling the benefits of pandemic relief legislation. But Biden and Harris will instead spend their visit consoling a community whose growing voting power helped secure their victory in Georgia and beyond.

As the fastest-growing racial demographic in the U.S. electorate, Asian Americans’ political influence was felt across the country. In California, two Korean American Republican women made history with their congressional victories. The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, typically dominated by Democrats, has its largest roster ever, including Asian American and Pacific Islander members and others who represent significant numbers of Asian Americans.

“We’re becoming increasingly more visible and active in the political ecosystem,” said Georgia state Sen. Michelle Au, a Democrat who represents part of the growing, diversifying suburbs north of the city. Yet, Au said, “What I’ve heard personally, and what I have felt, is that people sometimes don’t tend to listen to us.”

Now I know even as I’m typing this there are going to be those 1-2 people who can’t wait to rush down to the comments section and try and “educate me”.

Let me type that comment out for you Poindexters before you even get there (please be sure to read in a dorky, nasally nerd accent):

Ummm, actually, India is considered to be in South Asia, and so technically, according to my calculations, she IS of Asian descent!


Thanks dorks!

Anyone who types that has completely missed the point.

The point is that Kamala and the DemonRats change the facts and play up different facts to suit whatever they need at the time.

I didn’t hear Kammy mention one time about being “Asian American” during the election.


Because it didn’t help her.

Nope, she needed to claim to be black!

And now?

Are you still black?

Have you ever admitted you are actually Jamaican?

Why not claim to be “Indian American” instead of “Asian American”?

I rest my case.

Looks like we need to update our meme?

Can someone photoshop Kammy into a square and put “Asian” on it?


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