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Now The Biden Administration Wants Trump’s Help…


Joe Biden and his administration were gifted all the tools needed to keep America great after President Trump left office.

Instead, they completely dropped the ball on everything.

There is a major crisis at the border, despite the fact that President Trump nearly completed the border wall.

Joe Biden has since haulted the wall’s completion and blames Trump for the current crisis.  

The new administration was also gifted the coronavirus vaccine, thanks to President Trump’s efforts, yet Biden continues to take credit for that.

Now Biden has the audacity to ask for President Trump’s help in spreading the word about the vaccine.

President Trump has obliged, which surprises nobody who understands how much he loves this country.

CNN has more on the Biden administration's willingness to accept President Trump's assistance:

The White House said it would welcome former President Donald Trump's help in promoting the coronavirus vaccine to his supporters but says there are other ways to convince conservatives to get the shot.

The topic of how to sway White Republicans -- who polls have shown are more likely to be hesitant to receive the vaccine -- has been the subject of discussion among President Joe Biden and his advisers.

"I discussed it with my team and they say the thing that has more impact than anything Trump would say to the MAGA folks is what the local doctors, what the local preachers, what the local people in the community say," Biden said at the White House on Monday.

"I urge all local docs and ministers and priests to talk about why, why it's important to get in to get that vaccine, and even after that, until everyone is in fact vaccinated, to wear this mask," he said.

Earlier, the White House laid out how it was reaching conservatives with vaccine messaging, even as officials acknowledged a Democratic president did not carry the same weight among that population as other public figures.

"If former President Trump woke up tomorrow and wanted to be more vocal about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine certainly we'd support that," press secretary Jen Psaki said at a Monday's White House briefing.

Health officials, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, have said Trump's voice in promoting the vaccine would go far in convincing Republicans to get it. Polls have shown Republicans are more likely to say they are wary or don't plan to get inoculated.

Jen Psaki was asked during a press conference if the Biden administration would accept President Trump's help in spreading awareness about the vaccine.

Biden's administration is so terrified of giving President Trump any credit, that they instead change the subject by telling people to listen to doctors.

Psaki did eventually say that the administration would accept Trump's help with the matter.

Perhaps if the current administration had followed Trump's lead to begin with, we wouldn't have such a major issue currently.

Earlier this month Psaki crudely rebuked a question from a reporter asking about President Trump's concerns about the current border crisis.

Psaki responded:

"We don't take our advice or council from former President Trump on immigration policy," which she then called "inhumane."

President Trump recently gave an interview to Fox News, where he recommended that Americans get the vaccine.

He also took the opportunity to further criticize Biden's lack of effort in protecting the Southern border, which has led to an immigration crisis.

The Biden administration should be very appreciative of President Trump's efforts.

Without them, there would likely be no vaccine at all.

Perhaps Biden should consider following Trump's lead on other issues as well...


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