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Watch – Chuck Todd & Overlord Fauci Claim Future Pandemics to be Caused by Climate Change


COVID-19 was the ultimate trojan horse for these globalists and health bureaucrats to institute draconian policies they’ve dreamed about for years.


Mass vaccinations.

Transfer of wealth.

COVID-19 made all of that a reality.

And these shills keep ratcheting up the ridiculous fearmongering.

On Meet the Press, Chuck Todd and Dr. Fauci discussed the impact of “globalization” and climate change on future pandemics.

Check it out:

Inevitable because of climate change?

This is simply to prime the public for continuous lockdowns and anti-freedom policies in the future in the name of “public health.”

But in reality, they only desire control of the population.

Fauci also remarked at his surprise that many people remain skeptical of his precious vaccines.

It’s not politics Fauci.

A large portion of the population are suspicious of an experimental drug that has never been used before.

He’s only surprised that he can’t manipulate and control the entire American population.

And Fauci had the audacity to say he doesn’t know when Americans can have indoor weddings.

Nobody needs your permission to get married Mr. Fauci.

This is nothing more than another desperate attempt to fear monger the American public.

But you know the pro-lockdown crowd will eat it up like candy.

Zero Hedge reported:

Appearing on NBC News Sunday Dr Fauci and host Chuck Todd declared that more pandemics are on the way because of climate change and “the globalisation”.

The pair also agreed that a ‘global health security network’ is needed going forward and that anyone planning to go back to their pre-pandemic life is being too hasty.

“I know there’s a lot of folks who think that due to climate change and due to the globalization in general, it’s inevitable, we’re going to deal with more and more viruses like this,” Todd declared.

Fauci responded “Let’s take global to begin with. We have to have a better global health security network of interconnectivity, of communication, of transparency.”

“So that we are talking to each other all the time and know what’s going on. We also have to have a continued investment in the science,” he said, adding “remain global in our interactions. As I have said so many times, a global pandemic requires a global response.”

Fauci also urged that people “need to resist the urge to say, ‘Oh, everything is going great.’”

Fauci added “Once you declare victory, you know that metaphor that people say, ‘If you are going for a touchdown, don’t spike the ball on the 5-yard line. Wait until you get into the end zone.’”

“We’re not in the end zone yet, and that’s one of the issues, that when you plateau, there is always a risk of a surge. That’s exactly what the Europeans experienced,” Fauci continued.

The pair also took issue with President Trump supporters expressing skepticism over the coronavirus vaccine.

First, Todd complained that Trump did not appear in a PSA with other former presidents, despite the fact that Trump wasn’t asked to take part.

Fauci described the findings of a NPR, PBS and Marist poll “disturbing,” adding “How such a large proportion of a certain group of people would not want to make — would not want to get vaccinated merely because of political consideration. It makes absolutely no sense.”

“What is the problem here?” Fauci continued, adding “This is a vaccine that is going to be lifesaving for millions of people. How some groups would not want to do it for reasons that I just don’t understand.”


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