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Our Military Has Gone Full Woke and is Now an Arm of the Democrat Party


Did anyone catch the feud between Tucker Carlson and the United States Marines Corps the past few days?

If you didn’t, Tucker criticized Biden’s maternity suits and the feminization of the U.S. military.

And many active military members didn’t take too kindly to Tucker’s comments and accused him of misogyny.

And one high-ranking officer released this clip to respond to Tucker’s comments.

First off, why does the military care what a private citizen thinks?

Shouldn’t they be focused on matters that actually impact the safety of this country?

Like the CCP.

Not an American conservative news reporter.

All this shows is that our military is becoming politicized.

And that’s a dangerous precedent.

If our military shows a clear political bias and contempt for their political adversaries, we’re heading down a dark path.

And after tons of pushback, the same officer tried to walk back his comments:

But the political attacks from a clear leftist & woke military only continued.

This tweet sparked a firestorm of outrage on Twitter:

More blatant political attacks against a private citizen from our military.

These are troubling signs of the direction we’re heading.

Here’s some of the blowback on Twitter:

After the emotional tirade, analysts referenced a USMC study that researched men & women in combat units:

And our military’s surrender to wokeness & identity politics has already shown to weaken their strength.

In case you missed it, there were simulated war games conducted and the results didn’t look pretty for the U.S. military:

Our military is more concerned about silencing conservative critics than fighting the real enemy abroad.

And under a Biden Administration, this is only going to get worse.

The Post Millennial reported on the USMC-Tucker feud:

The US military has done more to discredit itself by attacking Fox News’ Tucker Carlson than twenty years of military failures in the Middle East.

Earlier this week, Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson took the hatchet to the military by criticizing their virtue signaling with the introduction of a jumpsuit for expectant mothers (sorry, “pregnant people”) in the military, pointing out that it would be foolhardy to send pregnant women into the front lines. He also questioned Biden’s update of military grooming standards to be “feminine.”

In his remarks, Carlson pointed out how the Chinese military had been gearing up for the “masculine” expansion of its naval fleet, an initiative Chinese media outlets proudly reported.

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In response, US Space Command’s Senior Enlisted Leader, Marine Corps Mastery Gunnery Sgt. Scott Stalker responded in an angry video condemning Tucker Carlson for his remarks, pointing out through a strawman argument that women were a valuable element of the US military — a point that Carlson himself never opposed in his remarks about the military.

Furthermore, the Department of Defense issued a BuzzFeed-like statement as an official press release, ‘smiting’ the conservative host.

“I want to be very clear right up front, that the diversity of our military is one of our greatest strengths,” said Pentagon press secretary John F. Kirby, a retired Navy rear admiral, on Thursday. “I’ve seen it for myself in long months at sea and in the combat waged by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve seen it up on Capitol Hill just this past month. And I see it every day here right at the Pentagon.”

Following some back-and-forth on social media, the US Marines II MEF Information Group published its own statement to condemn Carlson, a civilian, with a photograph of a female soldier lifting another trooper on her back.

“What it looks like in today’s armed forces @TuckerCarlson,” remarked the official government account. “Get it right before you get left, boomer”

The military account followed up its remarks with an attack on critics who told it to “please focus on China and not Tucker Carlson,” stating, “Come back when you’ve served and been pregnant.” Numerous military veterans chimed in to condemn the military account following its remarks, prompting several apologies.


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