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My Response To Cancel Culture


No, that picture is not me.

But more on that in a moment….

CocaCola tells us to “be less white”.

I can’t think of a more racist thing to say.

Can you?

Liberals are offended by everything!

But have you noticed it all comes down to wanted to always change the natural order of what God created?

That’s what it’s all about, if you really dig down and understand what’s behind all this.

It’s not Republican vs. Democrat, Right vs. Left, Conservatives vs. Liberals.


Deep down, it’s a war on God’s natural order.

Sorry to offend you Libs, but “In the beginning, God made them male and female.”

Liberals have been trying to attack this one simple sentence for centuries.

First, they’ve tried to attack “God made”.

God didn’t make anything, they say.

You are just stardust, they say.

The universe was just created by a Big Bang and we arose from cosmic soup billions and billions of years ago and then some lightning hit the soup and sparked life, they say.

Funny, they never explain where the first atoms came from.

They never explain where the Big Bang came from.

They never explain how the Cosmic Soup got there.

They’ve spent decades trying to remove God from that equation.

Now they’ve moved on to the “male and female” part.

Born a male and don’t like it?  Change, they say!

Who cares about those X and Y chromosomes, they say, that doesn’t mean anything!

Born white?

Try and be less white, they say!

What an absurd statement.

So back to that picture above.

I just found this online and I thought it was perfect.

I don’t know who this guy is or where this came from, but I agree with this 100% and wanted to share it with you:

Man, that is so good!


If you agree, leave a comment below and SHARE this everywhere!

We’re NOT gonna be less white….

We’re NOT gonna be less black….

We’re NOT gonna change our gender….

We’re NOT gonna play God….

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