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Bo Polny: APRIL 2021 One of THE GREATEST TIMEPOINTS In Human History!


Quick update from my friend Bo Polny.

He just released this short new video where he makes very clear he expects the CRASH of the U.S. Dollar to occur any time now, leading into April.

He’s been consistently saying this since May 2020 as he shows from these old clips.

This also lines up directly with what I just reported on from Clif High (tap here to read).

And you know what happens when the dollar crashes?

Crypto and Silver boom!

I’m also working to get Bo back on my show so we can talk about the dates he has been watching and to give you some updates.

I know so many of you are asking and curious to hear more!

For now, watch this short clip:

Here’s even more….

This video is awesome, it’s called “25 oz of silver could save your life!”

It’s short but really worth it.

Please watch, here on Rumble:

Maybe even more fascinating than the video is the comments.

I love these!

I love the 16 year old kid working at the grocery store stocking shelves and plowing his paychecks into silver, so much so that he has accumulated 150 oz already!


These people are awesome:

Backup here on YouTube:

I can’t tell YOU what to do, but I can tell you what I’m doing.

I’m buying silver.

Just me.

But I’m not going to be left holding the bag of dollar bills declining in value.

I’m shifting my money to crypto and silver.

I’ve been telling you about DISME silver for a while now, and I have some bad news….

Almost every coin I have told you about is now sold out.

So are the 4oz silver bars.

Take a look:

Congratulations to everyone who got one!

Look, I stand by what I publish.

I’ve been telling you I am seeing signs of supply crunches everywhere…

That’s kind of what happens when everything is suddenly sold out.

A couple are still available, and a couple new ones just popped open today for presale.

This is one of my favorites:

I’ve always loved the image of Trump and the Lion!

Do you like it?

Remember, these are not just fun “collector’s coins”….

These are 99.99% pure investor-grade silver.

Why I Choose To Work With DISME

This is the new one that just opened up for pre-sale:

Do you dig it?

A historic day, and the truth of that day will soon come out.


Some wild times ahead, I think!


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