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Key Demographic On Board The Trump Train, Trouble For The Democratic Party?

Hispanic men are increasingly attracted to The America First agenda, this will likely cause trouble for Democrats, as Hispanics are a key voting demographic.


The Dems should be REAL worried right now.

Hispanic men are increasingly on the Trump train. This is going to cause HUGE issues for them later on down the line.

Democrats pretty much assume that the entire Hispanic vote is theirs for the taking.

What a rude awakening they are going to have when they realize that this is no longer the case.

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Could it be that the rediculous left wing identity politics, and transgender agenda has upset Hispanics, a people who are deeply chrisitian and family oriented?

Take a look through these reports and decide for yourself:

The National Pulse reported: 

Here’s the reality: unlike the neutered males of the credentialed ruling class, Hispanic men still largely embrace traditional roles as providers and guardians. Therefore, Hispanic men increasingly rally to the America First movement broadly, and Trump particularly, because of prosperity, protection, and pomp.

Hispanics embraced the incredible new economic vitality of the Trump boom, especially the blue-collar expansion that dominated the first three years of Trump’s presidency before the CCP Virus crashed the global economy. In the history of Labor Department records, there have been 28 total months with a Latino jobless rate under 5 percent, and a stunning 27 of those 28 months were under the leadership of President Trump. The lone exception was in 2006 under President George W. Bush during the Housing Boom. Plus, the pay for these jobs soared as well. In 2019, the last pre-pandemic year, Hispanic wages vaulted a stunning 7.1 percent higher for the year, also an all-time record. This new prosperity lifted 1 million Hispanic children out of poverty in America.

Given these tangible, kitchen-table results, no wonder so many Hispanics, and especially Hispanic men, coalesced around the Trump agenda.

The Hill had this to say: 

Journalist Zaid Jilani said Monday that the increased support for former President Trump among Latino men in the 2020 election shows there isn’t “as much of a demographic destiny” as previously suspected.

Jilani told Hill.TV’s “Rising” that last year's vote undermines the idea that increases in Hispanic and Asian American populations will automatically lead to advantages for the Democratic Party.

Jilani said that before the pandemic, low-wage Latino and Black workers experienced “very good wage growth,” saying the economy “was largely working for them” during the early years of the Trump administration.


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