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Fake News Web Traffic Takes a Nose Dive After President Trump Departs White House


During President Trump’s term, the Fake News Media was obsessive about covering Trump 24/7.

It became their whole identity and mainstream pundits were flushed with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

Now that the media’s favorite person to unfairly criticize is no longer in the Oval Office, they’ve suddenly run out of topics to cover.

That’s strange?

Cause we have boatloads about Biden.

But a recent analytics report shows there was at least a 20% decline in web traffic for mainstream media during February.

And there was a massive dip in political consumption.


Their audiences stopped caring once Biden was inaugurated.

It appears someone’s political bias is tanking their traffic and profits.

I guess the liberal writer layoffs at Huffington Post were no coincidence after all:

And for some reason comedians are running out of material too:

With Trump no longer in the Oval Office, the liberal media have lost their identity and appear hopelessly confused.

They can’t cover the corruption of Sleepy Joe cause that would require reporting the truth.

And they’re nothing more than a propaganda outlet for Democrats.

Summit News reported:

Politics consumption also dropped by 28 per cent as people lost interest in the presidency after Biden’s inauguration.

“There were three times as many stories written about about Trump in February of 2017 than about Biden last month, according to data from NewsWhip,” reports Axios.

“Biden was discussed on cable news for an estimated 1,836 minutes last month, according to the Stanford Cable TV News Analyzer. In February of Trump’s first year, he commanded an estimated 4,669 minutes on cable news.”

The media is seemingly uninterested in the fact that Biden hasn’t given a single major press conference or any form of public address since taking office.

Nor are they that bothered about the fact that Kamala Harris appears to be pulling the strings behind the scenes while Biden is trotted out for the odd limited appearance during which he stumbles through his sentences.

“What some mainstream media take away from this is that people are now used to the “drama” from politics that was present during the Trump presidency,” writes Didi Rankovic

” However, much of that drama, producing polarization and divisions, may have actually come from the media themselves, rather than politics per se; after all, the current sharp dip in traffic shows they had incentive to keep whipping up that drama for financial reasons, beyond any preferred politics and ideologies.”


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