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COVID Socialist “Stimulus” Bill Bails Out Chuck & Nancy’s Failed States


Did anyone take the time to read what was actually in the COVID Relief Bill?

Well, it’s not really a relief bill since the majority of the money isn’t about COVID and doesn’t go directly to Americans.

It’s filled with a bunch of pork that funds corrupt politicians’ pet projects.

And bails out failed states that waste taxpayer dollars.

Here’s some more info about the $1.9 Trillion Dollar package:

If the relief bill was really to serve Americans, all $1.9 Trillion would go directly into the pockets of Americans.

That would be over $5,000 for every man, woman, and child in this country.

Think about how that would help a family.

Yet, Democrats like Chuck & Nancy made sure their failed states padded their pockets instead.

How convenient for them?

Print more money to devalue the dollar and make the crumbs you provide the peasants even more worthless.

But failed Democrat-ran cities and states have their financial woes erased in an instant.

These psychopaths don’t care about Americans and it still befuddles me how Democrat voters can’t wake up to this.

Our friends at Gateway Pundit shared the scoop:

Although the Democrats’ ‘COVID stimulus bill’ does little for the common man or the business owner who was forced to shut down their small business due to Democrat mandates, the bill does help some poorly managed Democrat city and state governments stay afloat as it erases their debts for the foreseeable future.  Twitchy shared the following from the San Francisco Chronicle:

The federal stimulus package likely to be signed by President Biden this week will erase the majority of San Francisco’s projected $650 million budget deficit over the next two years, saving City Hall from having to make painful service cuts and layoffs — for now.

While the federal stimulus is a boon for the economy in the short term, it will not solve all of the city’s financial woes. San Francisco’s ultimate recovery heavily depends on how quickly parts of the local economy bounce back, from tourists visiting the city to employees returning to downtown offices.

Pelosi’s San Francisco wasn’t the only entity rewarded in the COVID Stimulus bill, Senator Chuck Schumer’s New York State was also bailed out in the bill:

The $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package passed by the US Senate wipes out New York State’s projected budget deficit — possibly negating the need for hefty tax hikes or spending cuts, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office said Monday.

“Ok. Thanks to @SenSchumer NYS budget deficit for this year is…..Zero, nada, niete, zilch (NY terms),” Schumer spokesman Angelo Roefaro tweeted.

The American Rescue Plan provides state government coffers with $12.6 billion in unrestricted aid, a measure championed by Schumer, the New York senior senator. The measure passed the Senate in a 50-49 vote and is expected to clear the Democratic-led House of Representatives on Tuesday and delivered to President Biden for approval.

Asked if the geyser of pandemic relief eliminates the needs for tax hikes or spending cuts, Roefaro told The Post, “the statement speaks for itself.”

This is nothing more than a slap in the face to hard-working Americans who had their lives decimated by government.

And the swamp continues to take care of its own instead of serving their constituents.


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