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“You Know I’m Black on the Inside,” Says Chris Cuomo on CNN

Don Lemon found Cuomo's cultural appropriation of the song hilarious.


So this is a thing that happened…

While talking to Don Lemon on CNN, Chris Cuomo suddenly broke out into song and began singing the opening theme to the show “Good Times.”

Lemon, who usually never misses a chance to tell white people they are racist, instead laughed hysterically at Cuomo’s “cultural appropriation” of the song.

He then asked Cuomo how he knew the words to the song.

Cuomo’s response:

“You know I’m black on the inside.”

So let’s unpack what we have now learned from the left…

If your political persuasion is right of center, you are not allowed to do anything which can even remotely be considered cultural appropriation.

In fact, you’re already a racist just for being on the right, or white.

However, if your political pursuasion is of the left, you can do and say whatever you want, regardless of your skin tone.

The mainstream left-wing media will surly sweep this one under the rug, but some leftists on Twitter are enraged by Cuomo’s actions.

Here's the story from the Washington Times:

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo raised eyebrows Friday after he declared he’s “Black on the inside” while reciting the lyrics to the “Good Times” theme song.

During his nightly handoff to CNN colleague Don Lemon, Mr. Cuomo recalled the premise of the 1970s sitcom, which followed the life of a poor, Black family in Chicago, and argued how many families were never able to escape the grips of poverty. He eventually ended up plugging the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package as the means to do just that.

“I had somebody hit me with something today that hurt,” Mr. Cuomo said. “She said to me, ‘You know, I don’t have to tell you about how I’m living with my family and how set back we are by this, because there was a TV show that was all about it in the ‘70s and it is the reality for too many people of color all over the country.’

“And I said, what? And she said, ‘I’ll give you a hint. She said that this was the end. Just looking out of the window, watching the asphalt grow. Thinkin how it all looks hand-me-down,” he said, singing the “Good Times” lyrics.

Mr. Lemon jumped in, “How do you know the words to ‘Good Times?’”

“You know I’m Black on the inside,” Mr. Cuomo joked.

“Good times, anytime you need a baby. Good times,” Mr. Lemon sang.

Check out Don Lemon's reaction to Chris Cuomo singing "Good Times"

Some Twitter users were less forgiving than Cuomo's buddy Don Lemon.

Many are turning on Cuomo for this terrible injustice of cultural appropriation (or something like that)...

While Lemon appeared to skip the comment, it was quickly picked up on the Twitterverse.

"It’s f–ing offensive," tweeted Sister2Sister magazine managing editor Aisha Staggers, who said that "Black is not a costume."

Many commentators compared Cuomo to his politician brother — who has faced repeated calls to resign amid sexual harassment allegations — with one asking if they were "competing for s–tiest Cuomo."

Another ripped the TV host as a "spoilt, entitled guy raised in money and privilege, who is only on tv because of his surname."

Rev. Mary Dande said she "had to turn off the television because I’m not here for that nonsense."

"CNN needs to have some sensitivity training with their on-air personalities," she tweeted.


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