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Pelosi the “Most Unpopular Elected Official in the Country” According to New Survey


Congratulations are in order for Nancy Pelosi as she just achieved something monumental.

According to a new NRCC survey, Pelosi is the most unpopular elected official in the entire country!

This is an impressive feat, as Pelosi definitely had some stiff competition from the likes of Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, and many others.

With several decades spent in Congress to accumulate failures, she’s certainly earned this title.

Her unfavorability rating currently sits at 52%.

Among nearly every key subgroup outside of the democrat party, Pelosi is unpopular.

This includes independents, suburban women, college educated whites, hispanics, and union households.

Breitbart has more on this historic achievement from the current House speaker:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is the most unpopular elected official in the country, a factor that could bode well for Republicans who seek to take the House majority in 2022, an internal survey from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) found.

The NRCC’s February survey, which showed Republicans well-positioned to take the House majority in the next election cycle due to an advantage in ticket-splitting districts, also showed the immense unpopularity of Pelosi across nearly every “key” subgroup, including women, Hispanics, and union households.

The survey identified the 80-year-old speaker as the “most unpopular elected official in the country,” scoring a 52 percent unfavorable rating and 41 percent favorable rating. The unfavorable rating includes 45 percent who view Pelosi as “very” unfavorable.

Pelosi’s unpopularity in ticket-splitting districts, which Republicans appear to have an edge in, is even worse, standing at 38 percent favorable and 58 percent unfavorable. Among those, a majority, or 51 percent, view her as “very” unfavorable.

Pelosi's popularity along with Joe Biden's failures as president thus far could mean good news for republicans hoping to take back the majority in 2022.

Pelosi hasn't made a habit of making good decisions to say the least...

Newsweek has more on this dubious distinction:

Pelosi's favorability numbers showed she is unfavorable among suburban women, white college graduates, Hispanics and pro-union labor households.

The poll found a majority of battleground voting district respondents want to reopen schools across the country from COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. A 62 percent majority said they hold Democratic lawmakers responsible for keeping schools closed despite being "safe to reopen." Two-thirds of those surveyed, including Democrat and Independent voters, said they think it's safe to send students back to in-person learning.

Sixty-six percent of respondents in the survey said Democrat efforts to keep schools closed is "toxic."

Pelosi, 80, is the first and only woman to serve as Speaker of the House. Two transportation projects which were tied to her and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer were dropped from the $1.9 trillion relief package passed by Congress last week. The bill received zero votes from Republican senators. Forty-four percent of voters described the $1.9 trillion care package as a "bailout" for Democratic-controlled states despite the fact that "Blue Counties" compose the vast majority of U.S. wealth.

Pelosi is recieving plenty of "congratulatory" remarks on Twitter.

Now if only we could get an acceptance speech from Pelosi...

It would probably sound something like this I'm sure...


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