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Deep State Rod Rosenstein Now Admits He LIED About Talking To McCabe

The former DOJ official allegedly committed perjury during his testimony to the senate by lying about communicating with McCabe, with regard to recording DJT.


Another day, another liar.

Seems to me like the only detail we need to know to determine one is a liar, and against The American People is if that person belongs to a three letter agency.

Any of them, The DOJ, The FBI, The IRS, The ATF, The DEA, The EPA, The FDA, the list can go, on and on.

NONE of these agencies represent the will of The American People, ALL of these agencies are steeped in tyranny, and bold faced lies.

Why do we put up with any of this?

I don’t think the founding fathers wanted us to drown in a sea of useless bureaucrats.

These people all need to go, and it won’t be a moment too soon before they do.

A HUGE part in draining the swamp is getting rid of all these three letter agencies. They are neither elected, nor do they have any constitutional authority to do anything.

They mess the country up, and ‘create’ problems as they see fit to keep the lights on for the folks who work there.

Take a look:

The Washington Examiner reported: 

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is finally opening up about his discussion with a top FBI official concerning the investigation into former President Donald Trump's potential ties to Russia.

In his first TV interview since leaving the Trump administration in May 2019, Rosenstein told FOX 5 that there was talk of recording the 45th president for the inquiry but denied that he ever intended to wear a "wire" during the turbulent days that followed Trump firing FBI Director James Comey in 2017 before the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.

"I had a conversation with Andrew McCabe about an investigation that he was conducting involving the president. And there was a discussion about whether or not the president would be recorded in the course of that investigation. I never intended to wear a wire, and I think that if Mr. McCabe asked me to wear a wire, we would’ve had to reconsider the whole thing.

Fox News had an earlier report: 

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe accused former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of giving “false” testimony Wednesday about James Comey’s memos documenting his interactions with President Trump.

During his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Rosenstein suggested that McCabe should have shared details about former FBI Director Comey’s memos on his conversations with the president earlier, claiming that he didn’t tell him about their existence until right before they were leaked. 

Asked whether McCabe lied to him, Rosenstein testified: "Lying is when you ask someone a direct question and get a false answer. Candor is when you’re forthcoming with information someone needs to know. I believe McCabe should have recognized that when I became acting AG [overseeing the Russia probe], I needed to know about Comey’s memos and he didn’t tell me until a couple of hours before they showed up in the New York Times."


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