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Steve Bannon Says It’s Time To Prepare For A Transition To A Harris Presidency?

In a segment on his "War Room" Podcast, Steve Bannon said that we should prepare for a shift from a Biden Presidency to a Harris Presidency.


We have all been saying it for MONTHS now.

The Dems run a man with dementia on purpose, so that they could later install Kamala Harris as The President, and retire Joe Biden.

Steve Bannon is now issuing a serious warning to us all: it’s time to prepare for this.

We have been bringing you reports of Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline, and his various gaffes on televised media.

He was reportedly playing Mario Kart, while Kamala handled the real business, and she seems to be doing A LOT for a VP. 

Don’t take my word for it though, check out the reports below, and listen to what Bannon has to say.

Take a look:  

Business Insider reported: 

Despite questions over President Joe Biden's mental fitness persisting throughout the 2020 campaign, most Americans say he's up for the job while 33% say they're dissatisfied with his mental sharpness, a new Insider poll found.

Insider polled a nationwide sample of 1,154 Americans in conjunction with SurveyMonkey on February 22 with a 3 percentage point margin of error.

The poll revealed that Biden, 78, has the support of 61% of Americans when it comes to whether he's up for the job.

The Boston Herald had more: 

Dementia Joe Biden seldom makes much sense when he speaks, but he did manage to babble something semi-coherent Friday.

“Valentine’s Day is a big. Jill’s favorite day. For real.”

The crack scribes of the White House press corps swooned in awe of China Joe’s remarkable if fleeting moment of near lucidity. One Lois Lane type begged him to bring her coffee next time. A (male) reporter slobbered, “We love your dogs!”

As you can see, the White House has become little more than an assisted-living facility, for all concerned, including the dogs. Fortunately, the surveillance cameras are still rolling, so you can get some idea of what America’s doddering First Senior Citizen is up to in between naps.

My favorite of the last few weeks came when Biden tried to explain the number of vaccines available. It’s always comic gold when he tries to read numbers off the teleprompter, or from his notes:

“From 400 million ordered to 600 million this is enough vaccine to fully vaccinate 300 Americans by end of summer, the beginning of fall. But we wanna make look that’s I wanna me-peat it’ll be enough to fully vaccinate 300 Americans.”


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