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Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney Spells Out Why Lin Wood’s Whistleblower Is Extremely Credible

A Recent whistleblower has alleged a cabal of corruption, and sex trafficking which reaches the highest echelons of government and power.


This is some pretty serious stuff right here……

The swamp is even deeper than any of us even imagined, according to a transcript from a whistleblower put out by Lin Wood.

It’s a lengthy read, but if the things in that transcript are true, then we are dealing with people from the 7th ring of hell…….

A lot of people may have their doubts, but retired Lt. Gen Tom McInerney has his reasons for believing Lin’s whistleblower.

My opinion? Why NOT trust the whistleblower?

We all know about Epstein, and his famous island by now, we know how many elites from all over the world were involved.

If someone had come forward, and told people these things before his official arrest, no one would have believed it.

Many would say “this is a conspiracy theory,” or “this is fake news.”

Snowden is in the same boat. Many people would have said that the claims Snowden made were nothing more than”baseless conspiracy theories,” but hey, what he said turned out to be true.

I am not saying that the whistleblower here is telling the truth or no, what I am saying is this: look at the record of The U.S. government, and whistleblowers who have come forward.

Who are you going to believe?

Take a look:

NOQ Report had more on the story: 

Today, The Two Mikes against hosted General Tom McInerney who spoke about a document that was published today at Populist Press. The document is a verbatim interview by Lin Wood and his associates of a credible whistleblower, who uses the name “Ryan”.

The interview will trouble your soul greatly as Ryan describes the insatiable pedophilia of Joe Biden, Mike Pence, Judge Emmet Sullivan, and others; the central role Mrs. Biden and Mrs. Pence play in abetting their husbands’ behavior; and the role Rod Rosenstein played in commanding a FBI “Dirty Tricks Squad” which, with Chief Justice John Roberts’s help—compromised or murdered Judges—including Justice Scalia.

Ryan also explains how the Deep Staters got Jeffrey Espstein’s help to move children from Ireland to the United States for the use of John Roberts. The content of the interview is startling and disgusting, but it shows clearly the great depth, breadth, and depravity of those who run the republic’s leading institutions and now occupies a White House surrounded by razor wire and heavily armed military forces.

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Taken from the original transcript

INTERVIEWER: And you said Judge Sullivan
offered his granddaughter to Biden and Biden turned this

INTERVIEWEE: Yeah.· Biden doesn't like black
people at all, but especially black girls he has no interest
in.· He's a racist. He's a turd.

There was an incident where it was reported that it
was the judge's son, Sullivan's son, where he had raped the
granddaughter -- his daughter -- and raped her very bad.· She
had to go to the hospital.· There are hospital records for

And there was another girl present there at the
same time.·There was actually two -- well, it wasn't the
son.· This was -- it was actually the judge who did it. He
had raped them both and got very violent and left the girls
on the floor, didn't care.

But it was Biden and -- who had, you know,
basically told him -- he was like "You know, I don't want
this crap around here," too close to exposing him.


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