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What Is The Backup Plan If The GOP Betrays President Trump In 2024?

The American Independent Party has announced that if The GOP does not nominate The 45th President of The United States as their candidate, The AIP will.


Always good to have a backup!

Seriously though, this is a testament to just how popular President Trump was, and still is. TWO parties have indicated that they want him as their candidate.

Problem is, one of those parties can be…….wishy washy.

The GOP is behind President Trump because they have seen the poll numbers…..70% of GOP voters might leave for a Trump-centric party. Still, who knows where they will stand in four years?

Lord knows they are not exactly known for consistency when it comes to The 45th President of The United States!

They are ALWAYS flip flopping, but who knows they just might come through.

Until then, here is more on the story:

TMZ reported:

AIP chairman Markham Robinson tells us he and his party cohorts are dead set on nominating Trump to head up their ticket for the next presidential race ... that is, if Trump decides to have another go at it. 

There's still a lot of time to see how things officially play out, but Markham made clear he and the AIP leaders were more than enthusiastic at Trump's apparent desire to stay in politics, which he strongly hinted at during his CPAC speech this past weekend.

In Markham's eyes, DT is the perfect guy to lead their party -- for starters, they're notoriously far-right ... and support a limited role in government, tax cuts and are pro-life. Just take a look at his MAGA supporters ... and you can see how some see it as a good fit.

According to a CBS poll

Then, just over two-thirds of self-identified Republicans today say they might even join a new Trump political party separate from the GOP, including a third who'd say yes to that idea right now. (For those Republicans who say loyalty to Mr. Trump is very important, that "yes" to joining rises to a majority.) And two-thirds of Republicans still echo Mr. Trump's claims following the election and still do not consider President Biden the legitimate winner. 

In fact, amid the recent focus on the congressional GOP's direction now, under one in five rank-and-file Republicans favor a conviction, while most still broadly value loyalty to Mr. Trump. Many current Republicans say they might even join a new party headed by Mr. Trump if he were to start one. And while almost all call violence unacceptable, most Republicans feel that efforts by Mr. Trump and some Republicans to overturn the 2020 results were justified.


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