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President Trump Receives a Hero’s Welcome At CPAC!


Whoa buddy did it ever feel good to see President Trump back up on stage giving a speech!

He is the rightful President and you can just see he is the man who is anointed by God to carry the mantle of President from 2016-2024.

And I don’t think that story is over yet, not by a long shot.

Meanwhile, the Pretender In Chief can’t even figure out why they had him fly down to Texas, quote: “What am I doing here?

But our rightful and real President took the stage today and it was glorious!

Watch this first, from Rumble:

And then this, also on Rumble:

And if you want the full speech, I have it for you right here.

From The Hill:

And a couple backups since we all know you can’t trust YouScared:

Another backup to the Full Speech:

Let’s send our President some love!

If you loved seeing him up on the stage and you thought the speech was perfect, please tap below to add your support….👇

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