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It Will Now Cost Reporters $170/Day To Attend White House Press Briefings


There’s a term for what’s happening in America right now with the Democrats and it’s called “projection”.

I’m not into much of the psycho-babble from psychiatrists (no offense psychiatrists), but I think often times therapy becomes more of a crutch than a cure.

But there is a term in psychiatry called “projection” and it’s when you accuse others of doing what you yourself are guilty of.

Remind you of anyone?

Perhaps a group of people whose name starts with Demon and ends with Rats?

Ding ding ding!

After accusing President Trump of not being “open enough” with the Media, despite him holding constant and lengthy press conferences and taking dozens of questions each time on the spot with no teleprompter, that wasn’t good enough for the DemonRats.

But now?

Now comes word that it will soon cost reporters $170/day to simply cover Joe Biden.

Oh my.

Take a look:

Even Dems are calling this out for being absurd:


From the WaPo:

Reporters who cover the White House may soon be paying what amounts to an admission fee to do their jobs.
Starting Monday, the White House’s press office said it will start charging journalists for coronavirus tests, which are required for anyone entering the White House grounds.

The proposed cost for each test: $170.

With dozens of journalists at the White House each day, the fees could add up to tens of thousands of dollars flowing from newsrooms, many of them small and cash-strapped, into government coffers.

Until now, the cost of testing has been borne by the White House. But officials there contend that the cost of maintaining the testing regime for nearly a year has strained its budget. So it wants to shift the burden onto news organizations: No test, no entry to the White House.

The plan has alarmed the White House Correspondents’ Association, which represents reporters in issues affecting the presidential press corps. The organization has objected to the proposal because of the financial burden it would impose on news organizations, especially smaller ones for whom a $170 daily fee would be onerous.

“It sets up a means test for White House coverage,” said one correspondents’ association member familiar with the proposal, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the policy hasn’t been formally announced. No other federal agency charges journalists a test fee, this person said.

The fees would add up quickly for larger news organizations, too. The TV networks send as many as eight people a day to the White House grounds to report, produce and operate cameras and equipment. It would cost $1,360 a day to test an eight-person crew under the White House plan.

News organizations collectively are limited to 80 people a day on the White House grounds because of coronavirus restrictions. This includes those working in the briefing room and workspaces behind it as well as those who maintain TV camera positions outside the Oval Office on the North Lawn.


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