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Patriot Challenge: Where Is The John Durham Video?


Ok, we’re talking John Durham right now but maybe not for the reason you think.

Yes, I’m aware he resigned earlier today, effective February 28:

Already covered that.

Now I want to talk about something else.

Something potentially much more interesting.

Simply put, it’s this:  have you ever actually seen a video of John Durham speaking?

Or a video of him period?

Think that’s a weird question?

Surely there must be plenty of video of this man, right?

Someone so famous as Durham?

He was famous way before Trump and Barr, as the man who reportedly took down Whitey Bulger.

[Side comment: I bet they’d love to Cancel that guy right about now, huh?  With a name like Whitey?  Liberal heads exploding everywhere right now just thinking about it!]

Back to the story….

The man who busted Whitey Bulger, the man who was appointed by Barr, the man who many thought was going to take down the Deep State….and not a single video exists.

Oh there are plenty of photos.

In fact, most photos you see are designed to make you think he’s talking and giving press conferences.

Like these:

And yet, despite all those photos, I can’t find a single video of the man actually speaking.

I’m happy to be proven wrong, I’m not saying this is some huge, massive conspiracy……unless it is?

Hey, prove me wrong!

I posted that challenge in my Telegram Channel earlier tonight and so far no one has been able to find a real video of the man speaking.

And the more you look, the more weird you realize it is.

What you start to find are just a bunch of videos of a still picture of him and a voiceover playing.

Like this:

And this:

One person sent even sent me this, I think they knew it was a joke….because it’s from SNL:

So…how can this be?

I’ll check the comments below and see if anyone finds a real video.

If so, I guess that will solve the mystery.


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