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Hank Kunneman: I Will Bring a Divine Appointment and Reversal, Says the LORD! 2/21/21


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I know how many of you appreciate hearing updates from Pastor Hank Kunneman.

Me included, I’m at the front of that line leading the charge!

And I have a beautiful one for you today.

And yes, this is brand new, from just yesterday.

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It’s short, only about 5 minutes, but this may be the best 5 minutes you spend all day.

Here’s my quick summary, but then you just need to watch it yourself:

God does not follow man’s calendar dates.

God says “I am celebrating, the Heavenly Hosts are celebrating…..for I have chosen an event, and this Passover Season shall be special.  It shall bring deliverance!  I will show the evil ones they are not in charge!  I will bring a divine appointment and reversal!”

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Why do you give up so easily?

I will show this nation that you cannot push me out, and you shall not legislate against me!

They will soon say “Look at what the LORD has done!”

Please enjoy:

And watch this backup safely on Rumble if that gets taken down:

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