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MARKET ALERT: Most Silver Trump Coins Now Sold Out


Hey friends!

One of the things I pride myself on when running this website is integrity.

If I tell you something, I stand by it.

If I tell you something, it better be true!

I don’t do Fake News.

Everything I put out is researched and vetted.

And for a while now, I’ve been telling you about silver.

I always say, “I’m not a financial advisor” but I am a reporter and I know when I see something strange going on.

And I’m here to tell you there is something VERY unusual happening with silver.

And with the dollar and the stock market.

In fact, my friend Bo Polny recently told me he expects a major dump in the dollar, a huge stock market crash….and silver to suddenly hit THREE DIGITS.

Watch here:

I haven’t been telling you to buy silver, I can’t tell you what to do.

But I have been telling you I personally am buying silver!

I’ve also been telling you I expect it soon to become difficult to even buy some.

Extreme supply shortages.

In fact, we may now be seeing that.

First was this from SD Bullion:

Silver bullion in London’s underground vaults is running low.

Derivative powers that be are on full defense.

Going on various fiat bubble vision shows, trying to belittle growing interest and physical bullion buying.

It is not going to work. Indeed along the way, they will win day-to-day derivative battles. Ultimately, they will lose the physical bullion war.

Ronan Manly reported this past week about shrinking London silver bullion float inventories here on ZeroHedge.

According to Ronan’s best estimates of this convoluted, almost entirely opaque market. Just over 100 to 125 million troy ounces of silver remain unallocated in London.

As we have seen thus far, in 2021, investors can buy out one hundred to one hundred twenty-five million troy ounces of silver in a mere matter of a few heavy buying and silver betting days.

Earlier this week, I sat and listened through many #SilverSquealer interviews scoffing at the influence of new silver bullion and $PSLV share buyers. This week we will focus on the head of commodities research at Goldman Sachs, Jeff Currie.

In the video above, we cover some of Jeff Currie’s February 2nd, 2021 interviews, where he tries to shrink how badly the silver bullion squeeze is going to alter the price discovery landscape.

Only but a handful of days before Jeff Currie went on TV and lied to everyone, the CME Group COMEX silver futures contract size limits doubled from 1,500 to now 3,000 contracts. So Comex traders can soon legally hold sway over a 15 million leveraged price discovery derivative position. Of course, read too that these position limit doublings are merely effective in April 2021, not to be held under compliance until 2022.

But since JP Morgan has such an outsized position underlying over half the fraction silver bullion COMEX pile, it will be through their COMEX warehouse-size that they will likely continue trading exempt from these new 3,000 contract position limits. They are working for alleged clients like perhaps the People’s Bank of China, for instance.

While the media continually wants to spin this ongoing #SilverSqueeze, playing it off as mere retail bullion buying populism. The underlying truth is that we will likely continue to see larger financial players, commercial users, and perhaps even sovereign nations enter into the fray.

Some merely make momentum trade profits, but some perhaps even, to better secure strategic silver bullion stockpiles for their future.

And then this from iTrustCapital:

When you click the “Learn more” button to find out what’s going on with Silver, here’s what it says:

Physical Silver & Gold vs Paper

Over the last week, the biggest financial news story in the world is about how a Reddit trading group, wallstreetbets, is taking on Wall Street. You may have been living under a rock to have not heard about recent market events.

The same group that took credit for short squeezing stocks like GameStop and AMC made a post about Silver. That post was all it took to get the investment world in a frenzy to start buying.

Many new to investing in Silver may not know that there is a big difference between holding paper silver and physical Silver.

The main question on everyone’s mind is Gold vs Paper Gold.

Paper Gold & Silver

Similar to fiat currency, most Paper Silver products are not backed 1 for 1 by the real thing and therefore can be sold with virtually an endless supply. Examples are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), Futures, Options, and more.

Investors generally use these types of products to speculate on short-term price fluctuations. While we all know investing in Gold and buying Gold is a wise decision, is it a wise decision to lean on Paper Gold ETFs?

Physical Gold & Silver

Like all things tangible, Physical Silver has to be sourced, from mining it out of the ground to manufacturing it into coins and bars to shipping it to depositories and investors. There are costs involved in each of these actions which need to be accounted for in the end price.

Investors who prefer physical options tend to have a mid to long term investment strategy. Some of the primary reasons given are wealth preservation, growth in value, and protection from a fiat currency collapse.

Understanding the Premium for Physical Silver

If you have bought investment grade physical precious metals of any kind, you likely have heard the spot price. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at Gold Bars, Gold Coins or even Gold Bullion. The Silver spot price is the universal cost of one ounce of that (Silver) precious metal in its raw form.

At the time of writing this article, the spot price for Silver is $28.32. You can see the 24-hour spot prices at

Again, if you want to know the price that Gold is trading in the Gold markets, you simply want to check the Gold spot price. If you want to find out the price that Silver is trading in the Silver markets, check the Silver spot price or even the silver futures price.

For a while now, I’ve been telling you about DISME coins.

They make 99.99% pure investment-grade silver coins.

And the best part?

They honor President Trump!

I’ve been telling you they may not last forever, and like I said, integrity is important so I have to show you when it happens like I told you.

All of these are now Sold Out:

I haven’t been yanking your chain.

These were all limited supply and just like I told you, they WILL sell out.

DID sell out.

Congratulations to everyone who got some!

Now here’s the good news if you still wanted some but didn’t get the chance yet….

A couple new ones are coming online and available now for presell.

They may actually sell out during the presell period, I don’t know.

I think these are really cool, love to know what you think….

Here’s the first one:

Next one:

And this may be my personal favorite:

What do you think?

Do you like those new ones?

Have you gotten one yet?

I’d love to know what you think!


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