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Biden’s Dementia Appears To Be Acting Up Yet Again……

In a new appearance on CNN, Joe Biden admits he has never seen the living quarters in The White House up until recently.


There is just no way.

Joe Biden was Vice President for eight straight years under Barack Obama, and the two appeared to be extremely chummy.

Yet, he recently told CNN in a town hall segment that he had never seen the living quarters in The White House until he and Jill started to live there about four weeks ago.

Something is not right here.

You can actually see him almost tear up, and struggle to answer at one point. I am no doctor, but I have seen that look before.

There have been earlier reports as well, which hint that the relationship between Obama and Biden did not go over so well…..

According to the report it was because Joe had an affinity for “screwing things up”.

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Is it possible that Joe’s cognitive decline began during the Obama era, and not after?

Take a look:  

CNN had the story here: 

President Joe Biden described his life in the White House this evening, saying so far it still feels surprising every day.

"I wake up in the morning and ask Jill, 'Where the hell are we," he said, earning laughs from the socially distanced audience.

"It's a little like a gilded cage in terms of being able to walk outside and do things," he said, drawing a contrast to living in to the vice president's residence, which is 80 acres and includes secluded lawns, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Politico had an earlier related report: 

“You could certainly see technocratic eye-rolling at times,” said Jen Psaki, the former White House communications director. Young White House aides frequently mocked Biden’s gaffes and lack of discipline in comparison to the almost clerical Obama. They would chortle at how Biden, like an elderly uncle at Thanksgiving, would launch into extended monologues that everyone had heard before. Former administration officials treated Biden dismissively in their memoirs.

Ben Rhodes, Obama’s former deputy national security adviser, who was known for his mind-meld with the president, wrote in his memoir that “in the Situation Room, Biden could be something of an unguided missile.”

Former FBI Director James Comey recalled in his book that “Obama would have a series of exchanges heading a conversation very clearly and crisply in Direction A. Then, at some point, Biden would jump in with, ‘Can I ask something, Mr. President?’”

Comey continued: “Obama would politely agree, but something in his expression suggested he knew full well that for the next five or 10 minutes we would all be heading in Direction Z. After listening and patiently waiting, President Obama would then bring the conversation back on course.


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