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Free Speech Social Media Alternative Parler Announces It’s Officially Back Online


Get ready to ditch the tech overlords at Twitter & Facebook again.

Parler is back!

After being unfairly de-platformed and censored last month following the events at the Capitol, Parler reformed with independent technology for its users.

The social media platform was booted from Amazon’s web hosting services and taken off Apple’s app store in an attempt to silence freedom-loving Patriots.

According to the slimy technocrats, Parler was removed due to talks of invading the Capitol on its platform.

But in reality, the events were planned on Big Brothers Facebook, Twitter and YouTube:

Why weren’t those platforms shut down?

How come Parler was the only platform deemed to be fomenting hate?

It’s because Big Tech and their corrupt Democrat allies hate free speech.

If you don’t agree with their politics, they consider you a domestic terrorist.

And an enemy to the State.

Thus, they invert reality and claim conservatives, libertarians, and Patriots on Parler are responsible for the violence at the Capitol.

But things couldn’t be further from the truth.

With Parler going back online, you can expect another mad dash of users ditching Facebook & Twitter to mingle on Parler.

A place where free speech actually exists.

The Hill reported on Parler’s re-launch:

Parler on Monday announced that it is officially relaunching its platform and it will no longer have to rely on Big Tech to operate.
The announcement says the platform has been rebuilt on independent technology, giving it the freedom to run as they see fit after the company was de-platformed by major app stores and web services in January following the riot at the Capitol.
“When Parler was taken offline in January by those who desire to silence tens of millions of Americans, our team came together, determined to keep our promise to our highly engaged community that we would return stronger than ever,” Mark Meckler, interim CEO at Parler, said in the announcement.
Parler was suspended from Amazon’s web hosting services and from Apple’s App Store after the riot, when it was found to be full of discussions by users about invading the Capitol. 
Amazon and Apple did give Parler the chance to change its content moderation policy, as it had few rules of what could be published on the platform. Instead of changing, Parler has moved to a place where it says it can restart without restrictions.
“Parler is being run by an experienced team and is here to stay. We will thrive as the premier social media platform dedicated to free speech, privacy and civil dialogue,” Meckler said.
Current users of the platform will be allowed on the site this week, while those who want to join will have to wait until next week, according to the announcement.
Parler is still looking for a permanent CEO after the board fired former CEO John Matze in a move that Matze said he did not “participate in.”
Although Parler said its platform is open to all points of view, it has become known as a site for right-wing users who believe other big social media platforms have been censoring conservative content.
It’s no secret that Parler has largely been used by Patriots and conservatives, but all viewpoints are welcome to join the fun.
Parler’s users don’t believe in censorship like Big Tech!


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