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WATCH: Trump Defense Team DESTROYS A Persistent Democrat Hoax

For years now the left wing has levied claims that President Trump has called white supremacists "fine people", now his lawyers dispel that rumor,


Defeated by the truth once more!

The vicious lies which have come from leftists and democrats for the last several years have been difficult to combat, and very damaging to the character of President Trump.

Not to us of course, but to the average person watching 6 hours of mainstream telivision a day; they thought he was a neo-nazi.

According to evidence gathered, and a video presented by the Trump legal team, these allegations were completely bogus.

Thats right.

There are clear allegations of Democrats doctoring evidence here.

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Should President Trump bring a lawsuit for defamation of character?

Let me know what you think! and enjoy the sweet taste of the truth:  

Fox News reported: 

The most devastating moment came when Schoen accused his counterparts of unconscionable dishonesty and duplicity. "House managers manipulated evidence, deceptively edited videos, and falsely represented tweets," he declared. And then he proceeded to prove it with undeniable evidence.  

Armed with a collection of visuals, Schoen showed how an important tweet by Trump appeared to have been significantly altered and how numerous videos involving the former president had been cleverly doctored to transform exculpatory evidence into incriminating evidence. If this were a court of law, the prosecutors would be held in criminal contempt and tossed in the hoosegow.

The Red State Observer had more to say: 

But one of the other things that the defense did was call out one of the House Democrats’ lies, a lie that Democrats have continued now for years, a lie that Joe Biden said was part of the very reason he ran. That was the “very fine people” lie.

Raskin played a deceptively edited video that claimed that Trump had called Neo-Nazis “very fine people.” He edited out where Trump said, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally.” He was talking about folks on the left and free speech purists on the right. It’s a lie that’s been debunked for years. But that didn’t stop Raskin. Raskin also stupidly improperly identified the Charlottesville in question.

But Schoen then destroyed that today by playing, perhaps for the first time ever on some of these liberal networks the full remarks of that day where it was clear that Trump denounced Neo-Nazis and white nationalists decisively.


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