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Joe Biden: “China Is About To Eat Our Lunch!”


Yeah Joe, we know.

We were beating them for the first time in a LONG time with President Trump and now that you’re pretending to be President at Castle Rock Studios, we’re about to lose.

Big time.

Or “Big League” to borrow a phrase.

By the way….it always bugged me how people with bad hearing thought President Trump said “Bigly”.

He never once in his life said “Bigly”.

He always said “Big League”.

Huge pet peeve of mine.

Ok, record corrected.

The point is, we were winning Big League under President Donald J. Trump, and now with Joe Biden we’re about to take an extreme backseat to the cheating Chinese commies!

What a legacy, Joe!

But that’s not just my words….

The moron actually just admitted it himself.

Take a look:

My favorite reply:


Don’t we publish all the transcripts now and scrutinize every word?

I bet Joe’s transcript is barely intelligible.

I want to see the part where he checks in on Hunter’s business dealings!


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