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Lou Dobbs May Not Be Done Quite Yet

Sources say that the former Fox News host has received a job offer at OANN. Dobbs was allegedly cancelled by Fox for covering widespread election fraud.


Did Lou get the axe, or a lifeboat off a sinking ship?

What happened to Lou Dobbs was a blessing in disguise.

We have been bringing you reports of Fox News ratings decline, and the subsequent rise in ratings for outlets like Newsmax and OANN ever since the fallout of the 2020 election.

Lou was the most recent anchor to get the axe at Fox News. According to allegations he was fired for daring to cover the massive fraud we all know occurred during the 2020 election.

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OANN has reportedly seen the opportunity here and offered Lou Dobbs a place at the network.

Take a look:

100 Percent Fed Up reported: 

After being unceremoniously fired from the once revered but now disintegrating anti-Trump Fox News Media Corporation on Friday, Lou Dobbs has been offered a position at the fast-rising One America News Network (OANN).  Since his firing, he has retweeted up a storm about his situation Fox, including a post by Sebastian Gorka:

During President Donald Trump’s tenure as president, Fox News drifted from being pro-Trump to being much less hospitable to rational thought and conservative viewpoints.  Hosts like Jesse Watters and Tucker Carlson have many libertarians’ and conservatives’ respect. But, many newer hosts are noticeably left of center.

Mark Simone, also retweeted by Dobbs, described the tailspin that Fox is in after they fired their highest rated host on the Fox Business Network:

Wayne Dupree Media had more: 

Lou Dobbs may not be calling out disgraced Fox News in his own words right now, but he’s still sending the message out loud and clear about what he thinks of those turncoats.

Dobbs found a clever way to get his point across about the Fox News traitors without saying a word.

He’s retweeting other people’s scathing comments. 

This is the latest tweet Lou retweeted. It’s from radio host Mark Simone. Here’s what he said:  

“Lou Dobbs. The very best. Smartest voice on television. Had the highest rated show, by far, on his network. Had the highest rated show on the network he was on before FOX too, and the network before that. FOX in a tailspin.”


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