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List Of Words Banned By Universities Across The States


The political correctness movement is a direct attack against our free speech as Americans.

Several Universities have announced that they will no longer use words that are demeaning and offensive.

The only problem is all these words on this list are neither.

Check it out:

  • Homecoming King and Homecoming Queen: The University of Pittsburgh has decided to get rid of the words king and queen due to the fact that they are outdated words. Instead, Pitt will award the homecoming king and queen the “Spirt of Pitt” award. Umm, no thanks!


  • Legal Vote: Boston University’s Director of the Center for Anti-Racist Research Ibram Kendi said the term was racist. So, guess what in the eyes of liberals it is!


  • Student-athlete: A UV professor says the term has racial undertones and it’s mostly referred to as black athletes.


  • Chinese Virus: The University of California has banned the term Chinese Virus. Why? You guessed it because it’s “racist”.

Do you see a trend here, folks?

]It’s almost as if our whole English language is racist according to leftists.

The Independent put a more exclusive list for words that have been banned by Universities:


“Best man for the job” – Best person for the job

“Businessman/woman” – Businessperson, manager, executive

“Chairman/woman” – Chair, chairperson, convenor, head

“Charwoman, cleaning lady” – Cleaner

“Craftsman/woman” – Craftsperson, craft worker

“Delivery man” – Delivery clerk, courier

“Dear Sirs” – Dear Sir/Madam (or Madam/Sir)

“Fireman” – Fire-fighter

“Forefathers” – Ancestors, forebears

“Foreman/woman” – Supervisor, head juror

“Gentleman’s agreement” – Unwritten agreement, agreement based on trust

“Girls” (for adults) – Women

“Headmaster/mistress” – Head teacher

“Housewife” – Shopper, consumer, homemaker (depends on context)

“Layman” – Lay person

“Man” or “mankind” – Humanity, humankind, human race, people

“Man” (verb) eg man the desk – Operate, staff, work at

“Man in the street”, “common man” – Average/ordinary/typical citizen/person – but is there such a person?

“Man-hour” – Work-hour, labour time

“Man-made” – Artificial, manufactured, synthetic

“Manpower” – Human resources, labour force, staff, personnel, workers, workforce

“Miss/Mrs” – Ms unless a specific preference has been stated – though its common not to use titles at all these days

“Policeman/woman” – Police Officer

“Right-hand man” – Chief assistant

“Salesman/girl/woman” – Sales assistant/agent/clerk/representative/staff/worker

“Spokesman/woman” – Spokesperson, representative

“Sportsmanship” – Fairmess, good humour, sense of fair play

“Steward/ess” – Airline staff, flight attendant, cabin crew

“Tax man” – Tax officer/inspector

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“Waitress” – Waiter, server

“Woman doctor” (or feminine forms of nouns eg actress, poetess) – Doctor (actor, poet etc)

“Working man”, “working mother/wife” – Wage-earner/taxpayer/worker

“Workman” – Worker/operative/trades person

“Workmanlike” – Efficient/proficient/skilful/thorough

I hope you got a good laugh after reading that list!


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