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Firearms Sales Numbers Are A Thermometer For The State Of The Union

Sources and reports are citing a record increase of firearm sales for the month of January 2021. This is concurrent with Democrats taking office.


Surprised anyone?

Let’s take stock of our situation right now as a nation:

-Many people (including myself) believe that the 2020 election was stolen.

-The country is in a state of unconstitutional lockdown for an inflated virus.

-The political oligarchy in this country no longer represents the will of the people.

-One half of the country thinks the other half has no right to speak.

-Government approval ratings are reportedly at record lows.

-Intelligence agencies allegedly spy on the people.

-Government as a whole lies to the people.

-The media and the internet are censored.

-There are armed troops surrounding the capitol.

-The current regime hates the 2nd Amendment. 

Is it any wonder that firearm sales have increased dramatically? This is America, and as much as these people in power would like it to be Europe or Communist China it isn’t.

People here don’t take things sitting down; this is a frontier country with frontier values. I think our ancestors started this country because they were tired of paying taxes on tea and stamps right?

Never count on The American People to stay complacent for very long; history tells us that this is NOT who we are.

Here are the latest reports:  

The Daily Wire reported: 

Gun sales in January set a record for the number of firearms purchased in the first month of the year as Democrats took control of the Senate and President Joe Biden transitioned into the White House.

Gun stores sold about 2.2 million firearms last month, up from 1.2 million sales in January 2020, about an 80% increase, according to Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting (SAAF). The spike in sales accompanied a record amount of 4,317,804 FBI background checks ever completed in one month: 4,317,804, according to Fox News.

SAAF calculates the number of firearms sold over a given time period by analyzing data from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System and controlling for factors such as multiple guns bought by one person or someone receiving a background check for something other than a gun purchase.

Fox News had more on the story: 

"It can’t be discounted that many of these background checks for the purchase of a firearm are attributed to threats by the Biden administration to enact the most radical and far-reaching gun control agenda ever proposed," said Mark Oliva, director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, in an email to Fox News. "Americans are continuing to purchase firearms at a blistering pace."

Oliva said the month’s NICS statistics "clearly spell out that the demand of law-abiding Americans to purchase firearms isn’t abating. It is growing."

"Taken into context that all but one of the top 10 weeks and four other top 10 single-day records occurred during the 2020, when 21 million background checks were conducted, these are a jaw-dropping (sic) figures to start the New Year," Oliva continued. "Americans are claiming their Second Amendment rights to provide for their own safety in record numbers."


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