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Biden Is Trying To Cut MORE Middle Class Americans Out Of A Stimulus Check

Sources are claiming that Joe Biden is considering lowering the threshold for receiving a stimulus check from $75K to 50K.



Talk about a move in poor taste.  

Reports are alleging that Biden and co are considering a plan which cuts out more of the middle class from receiving stimulus checks.

Way to unite the country Joe.

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I know a guy who would have never done this. A guy who put America first and China last. A guy who tried to deliver a $2000 stimulus, but couldn’t because Democrats blocked it for political gain.

Take notice America, and check out the latest reports:

Western Journal had more on the story: 

When then-President Donald Trump called on Congress to revise its COVID stimulus package, he was demanding that the American middle class receive a bigger chunk of the relief money.

Now, President Joe Biden is doing exactly the opposite.

Infuriatingly, Biden is reportedly even claiming to be keeping his promise to the American people by offering $1,400 stimulus payments per person while remaining open to the idea of cutting out many middle-class citizens from eligibility for the full payments.

Prior relief packages sent stimulus checks to single people making $75,000 or less and married couples making $150,000 or less, then started phasing out for higher-earning Americans.

Tatum Report also had this to say: 

However, according to The Wall Street Journal, some senior Democrats are now considering sending the full $1,400 payments only to individuals making $50,000 or less and married couples making $100,000 or less. The payments would reportedly start phasing out for people who earn more than those thresholds, though the Biden administration has not publicly detailed the income cutoffs that it thinks should be implemented.

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Many Republicans have voiced concerns over the exorbitant cost that Biden’s roughly $1.9 trillion proposal would bring with it.

Some Republicans are calling for $1,000 payments per person that would start to phase out for individuals earning $40,000 or more and married couples making $80,000 or more.


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