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John Kerry: The U.S. and China Need to “Join Together” to Fight Climate Change


Remember when the democrats did nothing but talk about Russia for 4 years?

While they made unfounded claims that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia on a number of issues, including election interference in 2016, democrats are now cozying up with China.

This is the very same China where there is credible evidence of interference in the 2020 election.

John Kerry wants the U.S. to work together with China, all in the name of allegedly fighting back against climate change.

Kerry says of the U.S. and China, “We need to come back together” to battle climate change.

John Kerry is no stranger to cozying up with China...

Kerry is dead set on partnering with China.

What he doesn't mention is that this partnership is terrible for Americans.

Recently, Kerry touted the idea that the millions of workers laid off from the Keystone pipeline project could instead make solar panels.

The only problem is that China is the top manufacturer of solar panels in the world.

More on that from Forbes:

President Biden’s new “climate czar” John Kerry says laid off workers in the fossil fuels industry should be able to easily transfer their skill set into solar. He specifically said they can “make solar panels” instead of making the Keystone pipeline that Biden canceled on day two of his tenure in the White House.

“What President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, that they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels,” Kerry said.

But before anyone says that “they can make solar panels” is the new “learn to code”, just hold your fire for a bit.

These really can be union paid jobs, and this is a growth industry, unlike fossil fuels, which for now is the most hated industry in Congress and among the World Economic Forum jet set.

Solar jobs are manufacturing jobs that don’t require STEM degrees from Stanford and MIT, unlike computer science. I will never learn to code and make a blockchain platform or build the new hologram phone. I can barely get my laptop’s fan to stop spinning and making noise. But I bet I can learn to run the machines that make solar cells and modules.

However, the key word here is “make”. In fact, it is the only word that matters.

If Kerry wants laid off Keystone workers to “make” solar panels then the Administration that he works for will have to do something about protecting the American market from a flood of Chinese solar panels.

Of the top 10 solar panel manufacturers in the world, 8 are Chinese. The only big U.S. player is Ohio-based First Solar FSLR -0.4%. They make the solar cells and modules that are turned into the solar panels you see in the southwest desert, on California hilltops and, increasingly, on American rooftops.

South Korea’s Hanwha Q-Cells manufactures here. As does Chinese firm Jinko Solar, now manufacturing in Jacksonville, Florida. They set up shop primarily due to anti-dumping and countervailing duties imposed on solar panels during the bygone Trump era. That helped Q-Cells and First Solar gain market here. Otherwise, it’s all China imports. And if it is all China imports, then the only jobs on offer will be installer gigs, and the usual white collar professional services jobs of project planners, sales and engineering consultants.

“Make” is the only word that matters in Kerry’s comments.

If the U.S. is going to do what the solar importers want – all of them Chinese – then it’s mainly a job for people drilling solar panels into roofs, or washing them with Windex. (That’s a joke.)

That would be a terrible “green new deal”. But it’s a darn good Red New Deal. (I just trademarked that.)

China is ramping up its solar manufacturing capacity.

“The recent wave of investment and capacity expansion announcements by China’s largest solar manufacturers threatens the (U.S. solar) recovery with massive overcapacity that will drive producers out of the business, and establish Chinese domination of the entire solar power manufacturing supply chain,” says Jeff Ferry, chief economist with the Coalition for a Prosperous America in a report published on January 28.

John Kerry is a hyopocrite.

He's still flying around in his family's private jet, which emits 40 times more carbon per passenger than that of commercial aircrafts.

Fox News reports:

While it's unclear exactly how much Kerry benefited from his wife's company, private jets have been estimated to emit upward of 40 times as much carbon per passenger as commercial flights.

"We look forward to the anti-carbon lectures from a guy who travels the globe on private jets and luxury yachts," read a New York Post editorial last year.

During his 2004 presidential run, Kerry's campaign made 60 payments to his wife's charter jet company, totaling $273,171, the New York Post reported.

As late as 2013, his executive branch personnel financial disclosure showed Kerry owning "over $1,000,001" in assets for "Flying Squirrel LLC" through his wife.

Joe Biden must be so proud to have a "climate czar" like John Kerry at the healm of his battle againt carbon emissions...

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