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Bill Gates: We Need A “Global Alert System” and “Pandemic Fire Squad”


Bill Gates is continuing to push his globalist agenda.

In a new video Gates just posted on his Twitter,  he emphatically stated we need a “global alert system” and a “pandemic fire squad” to prepare us for the next pandemic.

Throughout the video Gates is illustrating his creepy new plan with a set of dolls.

Watch it here:

That was pretty creepy, right?

CNBC covered Gates comments and had these details to share:

In early December, Gates said that there needs to be a team of 3,000 infectious disease experts whose job it is to spot and quickly address a pandemic when it arises.

“Think of this corps as a pandemic fire squad,” Gates wrote in the letter. “Just like firefighters, they’re fully trained professionals who are ready to respond to potential crises at a moment’s notice.”

There should also be a large scale “global alert system” that healthcare workers can use to log patient data, identify trends and ultimately pick up on a pandemic sooner, he added. (Smaller decentralized systems for spotting infectious disease outbreaks exist. For example, last year, the Canadian startup BlueDot used its artificial intelligence platform to pick up on a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China before the pandemic was declared.)

Our friends over at the GatewayPundit chipped in too:

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Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates called for a “global alert system” and “pandemic fire squad” for the “next pandemic.”

“When it comes to preventing pandemics, scientific tools alone aren’t enough. We also need new capabilities, including a global alert system and infectious disease first responders, or what I like to call a pandemic fire squad,” Bill Gates said.

Gates is looking forward to the next pandemic so he can roll out his “mega testing diagnostic platforms” which could test 20% of the entire population every week – to hell with the Constitution.

Basically no one will have privacy.

Bill Gates should just stay away from the medical field.


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